Just A Typical Girl

Anna is just a quiet girl that just sits in the back away from everyone, until she gets invited to a party and meets someone who will change everything.


1. One

           I stared at the chalkboard as the Mr.Woods wrote our assignment on the board. I blinked and looked down at my note book filled with drawings of mine. I began to scribble and start a new drawing. "This assignment is due Tuesday after our three day weekend." I heard students pull out their literature books and them flipping the pages. I saw a shadow overshadow me and my drawing. A deep husky voice grunted. "Anna." I looked up and said nothing. "Please pull out your book and actually do some work in here." "Okay." I closed my notebook and put it in my bag as I grabbed the literature book out. "It's page 108 and numbers 1-35." I flipped the pages. "Can I have some paper?" I said staring at the story I had to read. "Sure thing." He walked back to his desk and pulled out a new thing of lined paper. "Here Anna." "Thank you, but I just needed one piece." "No, no...early Christmas gift Anna." He smiled. "Thanks." I shyly smiled back. Mr.Woods walked back to his desk and sat there looking at his computer. "She's a freak." I over heard one of the popular rich girls say. I looked over at her. Of course it's Tess. She looked back at me. "Yes I'm talking about you." Tess and her best friend chuckled. I said nothing and looked at the boring story. 

           The bell rang 45 minutes later, and I was the last one in the classroom putting my stuff away. "Anna, can I talk to you please?" "Sure." I swung my bag over one shoulder and walked up to Mr.Woods. "You know you have an F...a 0% in my class." He didn't say it as a question, he said as in a concern. "Yes." He sighed and shook his head. "Look Anna, I'm willing to give you all the work we have done this semester, and if you do all of these assignments, I will pass you from the class...and you won't have to take the exam." I looked at him. I took in a deep breath. "Mr. Woods, I don't want to waist your time...Look I know you want to look out for me and all, but I honestly I could careless about school." "Why do not care Anna?" "Why should I enjoy coming Northeast High just to get bullied by the jocks and bitches. I don't have any friends besides one..." "Anna, look I just want to see you graduate, and make something of yourself. Now I you might not care, but I do." He paused and looked at the door. I looked behind me. "Well good afternoon Principle Waters." Mr.Woods said as he stood. "Sorry if I was interrupting you two." "Oh no." Principle Waters gave him some papers and then left. "Anyway Anna, just take this paper with the assignments, and please just think about it...I'm only looking out for you." I side smiled, and thanked him then I left. I walked outside to see people waiting for there ride home. I walked out to the parking lot to meet up with Kay. I saw the jocks standing around Jacob's car. I started to walk passed them. "Hey freak!" I heard Tess yell. I ignored her and put in my headphones and put on Crash by Sum41. I blasted it all the way. I felt a hand land on my right shoulder. I turned to see Jacob standing there. "What do you want?" I turned off my music. "Sum41?" "Yea, how would you know?" "Cause they're my favorite band, duh!" He chuckled. "Okay." "So, there's a party Saturday night at my place....and I was just..." "I'm not coming." I stopped walking and so did he. "Please...Explore outside the box Anna...and plus there's a guy that I really want you to meet." "Who is he?" "Won't tell you unless you come." "Fine I'll come but I'm inviting my cousin Violet." "Does she have violet hair instead of cotton candy pink hair?" He chuckled humorously. I smiled with a chuckle. "You're smile is beautiful...." He said in a shocked voice. "Um...Thanks?" A car drove up to us. "Anna!" Kay my handsome friend yelled out of his car. "Bye Jake." "Bye A." 

             Kay drove off in a hurry. "Are you in a hurry?" I asked hanging on to the handle bar above the window. "No...I just wanted to leave that place. What's up with you and Jacob?" He said has he put on Sum41 from his phone. The song Jessica kill started playing. "He invited me to his party on Saturday." I said yelling over the music. "Well are you going?" "He want's me to meet someone, so yea...Violet is going with me." "Well I'll with you two to keep watch over you two." "Okay." We stopped at a red light. I looked out the car window. Tess and Jacob were next to us in Jacobs black mustang. Me and Jacob made eye contact. He smiled at me, so I smiled back at him. Tess smacked his arm so he turned to look at her. The light turned green, so we left and headed to Kay's moms house. We got there in about 10 minutes. Kay unlocked the front door and we both walked in. "Hey mom." "Hi sweetie." She said. "Anna is over here. If that's okay?" "Oh that's fine." I walked around the corner to the kitchen. His mom looked up at me. "Hi Anna." She smiled and I smiled back. "Hi Mrs. Conner's." "Just call me Emily sweetie." "Okay." Emily put a sandwich on a plate. "Hungry?" "No thanks..." "Yea she never eats mom." Kay said as he took the sandwich off the plate and bit into it. Emily chuckled. "Are you sure Anna?" She paused to look at me. "I'll make you a half of one." "Mom just make her a half of one." "Okay." She chuckled and turned back around. "Wanna go watch some tv?" Kay said as he poked my arm. "Sure." We walked out to the living room and sat on the love seat together. "What do you want to watch?" "Whatever is fine with me." "Is ghost adventures fine?" "Yes." Emily came over to me with a plate with a half of a turkey sandwich on it. "Thank you Emily." "Oh you're welcome." She walked back to the kitchen and left me alone with Kay. 

               Around 8 o'clock Kay took me home. "Bye Anna, I'll pick you and Violet up around 8 tomorrow." "Okay. Bye Kay." I closed the car door and walked inside my house. My mom was still gone as usual and my dad was sleeping, so I just continued my way to my room. I opened my door and closed it behind me. I sighed and kicked off my shoes. I heard a meow outside my door. I opened it to let in my dwarf cat in my room. "Hey Theo." I said as I closed my door again. I sat on my bed and opened my laptop. I went onto my instragram account. *Jacob_Lens18 has started following you.* Why would he follow me? I shrugged and followed him back. I went through my home to see what people posted. I signed out and then checked my Facebook. I had one new message from Jacob. 

Jacob: Hey Anna

Me: Um Hi?

He replied almost instantly

Jacob: What's with the question mark lol?

Me: Just confused why you followed me on instragram and now you're messaging me on Facebook?

Jacob: What I can't follow or talk to a pretty girl?

Me: I'm not your boss Jacob Lens....I'm confused

Jacob: You said my last name...And don't be

Me: Yes I did

Jacob: You're cute

Me: Shut up

Jacob: Haha... ;)

Me: Don't wink at me...You weirdo

Jacob: ;)

Me: Goodnight Jacob Lens -_-

Jacob: Goodnight Anna Wesley ;)

 I Shut my laptop and curled up under my sheet and drifted off to sleep.

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