Just A Typical Girl

Anna is just a quiet girl that just sits in the back away from everyone, until she gets invited to a party and meets someone who will change everything.


4. Four

            I woke up Sunday morning, well more like afternoon. I got out of my bed and brushed my knotty damp hair. I quickly did a French braid and went into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and splashed some cool water in my face. I washed the makeup that didn't quite come off from my shower last night. I dried my face and walked out to the kitchen to get something to eat. "Well look who decided to get up." My dad said with amusement. "Yeah, yeah." I said while waving my hand in the air. I opened the fridge and saw nothing good to eat. "Ugh..." "What Anna?" My dad asked. "No food." "Take my car and go get subs from the deli across the street." "Alright, your usual dad?" "Yup, and just get your mom the same thing I get." I nodded and went into my room to get some shoes on. I looked down at what I was wearing, so I changed into some pants and left my shorts on the ground.  

            I walked into the deli and saw Kay working. "Hey Anna." "Hey Kay." "Same as usual right?" "Yeah." "Okay, I'll bring them out to you when they are done, and your total is, $15.95." I handed him the money and sat at a table waiting for the subs. I looked down at my phone and saw that I had a text message. I opened it up and it was a random number.

Unknown: Hey Anna

Me: Hi? Who is this?

Unknown: Jacob

Me: How'd you get my number?

Jacob: Kay gave it to me last night at the party

Me: ...

Jacob: What?

Me: Nothing

Jacob: No what? Tell me!

Me: I just don't like people giving out my number without permission; I mean it's my number

Jacob: I understand, but look I won't give it to anyone else I promise :)

Me: You better not or I'll beat the shit out of you! 

Jacob: Oh no!

       I chuckled and put down my phone and saw Kay walking up to me with a bag of the subs. "Here you go love." "Thanks love." I paused to grab the bag. "Did you give Jake my number last night?" He rubbed his neck. "Yeah, sorry about that, I should have asked you first." "It's fine..." "Sorry." "Like I said its fine Kay, I was just making sure it was you." "Alright...What are you doing later tonight?" "Eh, probably doing some homework, why?" "I don't know, I thought maybe you wanted to come over, maybe like stay over..." "Yeah...Just let me know the time." "Okay, see ya later love." "Bye." I walked out of the deli and heard my phone start to ring. I answered. "Hello...." "It's me Jacob." "What?" "What are you doing?" "Heading back home with subs, why?" "Oh, I was going to see of you wanted to go to the mall with me, Marc, and my sister Farah?" "Eh, I mean I guess so but I'm going to eat first and get dressed, so it might be like an hour." I looked at the time it was already 12:45pm. "Okay, that's fine....Do you want me to pick you up?" "No I'll just meet ya'll there." "Okay." I hung up before he said bye. 

        After I ate my sub, I went in the bathroom to do my makeup, which was a black wing on my eye lid and some black massacre, and then to touch it up some I put light brown eye shadow on my eye lid. I took out my braid and let my hair down. The braid made my hair have pretty waves in it, so I just left it down. After my makeup I put on a black skater dress with pink and red rose scattered all over it. I put on my plain black vans on and sprayed some fruit perfume one my wrists and on my neck. My dad allowed me to use his car for today. I called Jacob. "Hey Anna Wesley." "Are you guys at the mall?" "Yeah we are....Meet us at the food court, like by the Thai food place." "Alright, see you shortly." "Bye." I hung up and grabbed the keys and left. 

       I got to the mall and walked to the food court. I bumped into Violet and James. "Hey." "Hey Violet." we both smiled and said nothing more. I saw them sitting at a table. "Hey." I said as I walked up to them. "Hi Anna." Marc had said. I smiled at him, and then they all stood. "Ya'll ready to walk around?" Jacob asked. We nodded and began to walk around. "So how have you been?" Marc asked. "Good and you?" "Good, just tired as hell...." He chuckled so did I. "I agree." I and Marc walked next to each other and Jacob walked on my left side, but didn't really say anything to me. Marc, Farah and Jacob were all talking and laughing and I was kind of just by myself. We were going to walk by Hot Topic, so I kind just left and went in there. "Hi welcome to Hot Topic, everything is buy one get one half off." A guy with tattoos and with small gauges said. "Thanks." I said with a smile. I was looking at the small gauges they had. I have small gauges, and I just wanted to find some new ones. The guy came up to me. "Need help?" "Well I see you have small gauges, which are good to wear? Cause the ones that have got had gotten really old quickly..." "Well the black ones are nice, and so are these one in this row. I mean any of our gauges are well made. Now do you shower with them in?" "Sometimes I forget to take them out...." "Yeah I have the same problem...." He chuckled. I chuckled back. "So how much are just the black ones?" "Um $25, and then you can get another pair for like $15." "Alright, I think I'm going to get the black ones and the dark red ones." "Good colors." He smiled and opened up the case and took out the two I wanted. "I'll check you out." I followed him to a cash register." "It’ll be $25 for today." He paused to put them in a bag. "I had a coupon that I used for you." "Awe thank you." I handed him the money. "Receipt?" "Yeah, I'll take it." "Okay." He wrote something on the back and gave it to me. "Have a nice day." "You too." We smiled at each other and then I left. I looked at the receipt and it said, "I thought you were super cute, text me (281) 713 **** :)." I smiled to myself and took out my phone and put his number in my phone, his name in my phone is Hot Topic Guy. I put the hot topic bag in my black purse and kept walking, until I saw Marc looking lost. He looked at me. "Where'd you go?" "Hot Topic." "Dang, next time tell us, had us worried." "Okay sorry."

         I went home before they did, I just told them I had a bunch of homework which I really didn't. I texted that guy from Hot Topic as soon as I was in my quiet room. 

Me: Hey this is the cute guy from HT?

Hot Topic Guy: Hey, and yes it is :)

Me: What's up?

Hot Topic Guy: Just got home, by the way my name is Leon

I quickly changed his name to Leon.

Me: Mine is Anna, kind of a boring name

Leon: Nah, it's cute :) 

Me: How old are you Leon?

Hot Leon: I'm 20, how about you?

Me: I'm 18

Leon: Okay good you're legal Lol

Me: Lol you got lucky

He didn't respond so I just started my homework I did have.

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