Christmas Break: A 2nd Generation Harry Potter Fanfic

James, Albus, Rose, Lanie, and Lysander staying at Hogwarts for the holidays this Christmas! Some other friends are too.
During the few weeks at the wizarding school, they find happiness, love, humor, and friendship. In this fanfic, Luna and Neville are married and have three children: Lysander, Lanie, and Lawrence. Lawrence is too young to be at Hogwarts


1. Albus Severus's View

You know, I thought that vacation here would be relaxing and no craziness of our family rushing around but it is honestly full of drama and general craziness. It was my first year at Hogwarts and Christmas Break had started to creep up on us rapidly.

"Albus! Get your proud little butt over here!" James called to me across the crowded hallway. I waved goodbye to a couple of friends and pushed through the rush of peers to reach my older brother. He ran his fingers through his messy dark hair. My hair had unfortunately, Dad's unruly trait, too.

"You're staying for Christmas Break, aren't you? It's your first year, you have to for tradition." James urged me. I bit my lip. Well, of course I was staying! I just felt a lot of pressure to say it out loud. James had no trouble with that, he often spoke more than he needed to.

"Oh, yeah." I said really fast. James gestured to the large board that held many sign-up sheets. I looked over the lot of them.





Albus wrote with a red quill dotted with yellow flourishes: Albus Potter

"Rose!" I called out to my red-haired cousin. Rose waved goodbye to a beach-blonde Ravenclaw and turned to me.

"Who was that?" I asked her. Rose blushed and looked away.

"Hi, Al. Um, he's no one. Just a friend that's all." Rose's gaze was dreamy as she glanced behind her but transformed into despair when a voice rose from the crowd.

"Oi! Ian, have you seen Rose? I haven't seen her all day."

Rose ducked behind me.

"Who's that? I hissed, "Bloody heck, Rose! Tell me something!"

"Don't let him see me!" Rose whispered, "I'll tell you more if you hide me!" I swung my cloak a certain way that hid Rose.

"Cormac McLaggen the Second, he's a bloody little git that fancies me." Rose whispered into my ear. I smirked.

A boy with wiry hair and a scowling mouth walked over to me.

"Have you seen Rose Weasley? Gorgeous red-head, very snarky, bright eyes, and she's kind of tall." the boy said, motioning with his hands. I was very glad that he didn't know who I was.

"Oh yeah. I saw her running into the Professor Longbottom's office!" I replied. The wiry-haired boy turned his heel and raced into a room with a large green door. I nudged Rose as she poked her head out. I started to laugh. Rose looked puzzled.

"What's so funny?" She asked me. I hugged my stomach with laughter.

"You-are-hiding-from-a-boy-that-doesn't-know-who-I-am-and-and-he-ran-into-Uncle's-office!" I sputtered. Rose still looked confused.

"ROSE! Uncle Neville is storing baby mandrakes in his office! One little noise and they start crying!" I exclaimed as an armada of wails sounded behind me. A blur of wiry hair raced out of the office and down the hall.

"What are you two doing?" A curious voice asked. My laughing cousin and I spun around. A girl with long dirty blonde hair and Gryffindor robes placed her hands on her hips and looked back at us.

"Hey, Lanie." I chuckled. Lanie Longbottom was Luna and Neville's middle child. She was in the same year as James, Roxanne, Louis, and Molly. The Longbottoms were practically family and everyone knew Lanie was practically a miniature version of her mother with the clumsy traits of her father.

"You ought to be careful sending annoying boys into Dad's office," Lanie warned, "the mandrakes are getting older and soon they'll be screaming instead of crying." I wiped my glasses clean.

"Are you staying for the holidays?" Rose asked Lanie. She nodded and joined us as we headed down the hall to the common room. Ian Finnegan and Sam Thomas were playing Wizard Chess as my cousin, Molly Weasley ll watched them at a desk in the corner of the common room.

"No! No! If you move your pawn there, he'll snatch your king!" Molly warned Ian. The boy with an Irish sweater moved his pawn out of the way.

"Stop ruining the game, Weasley." Sam groaned. Molly smirked and sauntered over to where Lysander, with his nose in a book, was sitting. I gazed around the rest of the room. James Sirius was playing a game of Exploding Snap in the middle of the room with a freckled third year girl, Dominique was studying from behind a pile of books, and Marigold Finch-Fletchey was trading chocolate frog cards with

"Oi! Potter!" Louis called from the stairs. James and I turned to him.

"What?" We asked in unison. Louis blushed when he realized his mistake.

"Sorry. I meant Albus." Louis chuckled, heading towards me. I set my rucksack down on a plush chair. Lanie curled up on the couch with Fanatastic Beasts and Where To Find Them while Rose listened in on what Louis had to say,

"So, you know how most of us Weasleys are staying for the holidays, right? Okay, Roxanne has to go home early because of her pet Pygmy Puff, Lucy is going home because her dad worries too much, and Fred is leaving because Uncle George has a nasty illness that should be cured soon but you know moral support is needed." Louis paused for a moment while tapping his chin, "Molly is going home with Lucy, I think and I'm staying here with Victoire and Dominique." I nodded absentmindedly. Louis was great, but sometimes he relayed information that I didn't really I was training my eyes on a gorgeous girl with short brown hair. She had this small smile that just glimmered (probably because she had braces). Her bright blue eye seemed to dart all over the room, taking everything in. I stared at her until her blue eyes rested on me. I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks and glanced at my feet. When I looked up again she caught my eye and grinned. I smiled back.

"Hey! Albus! Stop flirting!" Rose exclaimed, snapping her fingers in front of my face. I was jolted back to reality. I was 468% sure that my face was redder than Rose's fiery hair.

Later that night as I was playing an intense game of Exploding Snap with James Sirius, the drama started. I placed a card at the top of the card palace that had grown immensely during the last half hour.

"DONT RUIN IT!" James Sirius exclaimed. I, of course, accidentley hit my hand against the palace and the thing collapsed with a bang. My face was sooty and my hands were smoldering.

"JAMES!" I yelled. James tipped over his chair and fell onto the floor in a laughing heap. Of course, he set me up. I huffed and got up to go wash my hands and clean myself off.

James followed me (he didn't like being alone) into the third floor bathroom. We heard talking and chuckling in one of the stalls. James and I froze, sharing a look. The conversation slowly died out. James seemed to be scared.

"Come on, James!" I urged my brother, "It was probably some ghosts talking, like Myrtle or something." James nodded slowly as he remained in his position. I sighed and went over to one of the sinks to wash up. The water was icy cold. I groaned and splashed it over myself and glanced at the mirror. My face was round with a dash of freckles on the nose. A pair of round glasses perched on a slim nose. Dark brown hair stuck out all over, singed at the ends where the card game exploded. I fussed with the unruly bits of hair in a half-hearted attempt to make them smooth down. I turned around to watch James sneak over to the stalls. He tiptoed back to me.

"Al, I swear that someone's here. Not a ghost or Peeves. Please help me search." James begged me. I looked at James. He nearly looked identical to myself except he was taller with black hair, no glasses, a narrower face, but the same stunning green eyes Father and I owned. James wouldn't worry about something unless he was sure about it.

"Okay," I said to him, "HELLO?! Someone here?" I called out to the stalls. Silence. I poked around the stalls on the left side as James kicked open the doors on the right side. Empty, empty, eww someone forgot to flush, empty, and then I came upon the last stall. Rose was sitting on the floor along with the same beach-blonde Ravenclaw boy. They were playing a game of Wizarding Chess. They both stared at me with intense fear.

"James, there's nothing here but a broken noise maker!" I called behind me, "let's go!" I winked at Rose and whispered,

"You SO owe me."

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