spiritual love

Love. Definition an intense feeling of deep affection. Do you believe that that is true, most females or males don't but when you really think about it you wonder what is love. Not a lot a people know what love is because there disbeliefs of love in my perspective that isn't what love is at all, not even a little but who's to say im right who can say im wrong no one really because no one knows.


1. What is love?

You don't ever know what is coming next some people say these things happen coincidentally others based it off religion but for some reason I think we'll figure it out . People say everyone is placed on earth for great reasons based off of religious ideas with all do respect I do not believe that everything I mean everything is because of one person the son of our god the lord or in other words Jesus so people believe that if you do not follow him or if you begin to loose your faith you shall be punished by being sent down to a bottomless pit full of torture such as being stung by locases or scorpions having your skin being peeled or even having reproductive organs detached and if you ask that's sounds like it hurts really bad anyways what im going to talk about is completely different story this s a love a love story not a bible study I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea . Okay we all know what is love right? wrong if you did know what love is you'd be out hanging with your lover yet your reading this but if you ask me ill never be able to tell you now you might be better off never knowing because no one knows not even your parents it doesn't matter how many relationships you've been in love shall always be a challenge for you no matter how hard you try you'll never beat love in anything love is one powerful force and if you can stop it then the world is going to end wow um okay im shiemi moriono and im on a mission to understand love

Day One

Shiemi : mom im off to take yukinara to the park

A/N: that's prounoced yu-cee-narah

Moriono: okay be careful

shiemi: yes mamn love you

Ms.: moriono : I love you to

later that day

yukinara: Big sister will you teach me how to write a book

shiemi: sure of course what do you want it to be about

yukinara: then I want my story about love

shiemi : nice

yukinara: but big sister what is love

shiemi: I don't know

yukinara: I thought you were the smartest girl in the world

shiemi: well news flash little bro I'm not

Yukinara: big sister

Shiemi : yes

Yukinara: can you tell me what love is

Shiemi: what

Yukinara: Love I say it all the time but I don't know what I am saying

Shiemi: I just told you I don't know

Yukinara: okay hey big sister promise me something

Shiemi: yeah what

Yukinara: that when you find out what love is tell me

Shiemi: I promise *smiles*



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