Lost in the moon

Lucy is new to Beacon Hills, she just started her third school year at the towns only school and have a bit trubble making friends. Scott can feel that there is a new alpha at the school area but can't to find out who it is. When they meet Scott learn more about his kind and Lucy finally make new friends and maybe more.

Based on the Teen Wolf series.


4. chapter 4

My next class were cemestry, I sat next this boy with dirty blond or brownish, curly hair. His cheakbones were high and he looked sexy in a white t shirt that showed of his abs perfectly. He was one of Scotts betas, I could tell by the smell surrounding him. just Like Scott, the boy had not been in school for the time I had been here. I sat down next to him, avoiding meeting his eyes.  I could feel him looking at the side of my head so I gently turned to meet his eyes, his eye showed surprise and the air were filled of the smell of nervousness. His bleu eyes avoided mine as he looked down into the desk. I smiled a bit knowing he felt uncomfteble. 

"hello, I don't think we've met?" I said holding out my hand for him to shake. He looked up a bit when he saw the movement and a moment went by before he desided if he would shake it or not. He looked into my eyes and showed his real eyes showing he was a beta. 

"I am Isaac Lahey, nice to meet you." he said shaking my hand. His eyes softend and examined my face, or rather my eyes. 

"Lucy Parrish. Im new here, you are in the same pack as Stiles and Scott?" I asked tilting my head to the right, trying to read his mind or saying something by telepathy, someting only inherited Alphas or natural Alphas (if they learned to controll it) can do. it's not very heard I learnd, i just don't like to do it if I don't have a reason.right now I wanted to see what kind of beta this boy were. It's like learning to ride a bike for the first time, at first someone hold at the end of the bike making it stand upp straight and when you start moving forward and you realise they let go and it is easyer to bike without the help.

At first it didn't work, I got no reaction from Isaac. But when I looked deeper into his eyes I realised he was freaking out. His heart rate were faster and a thin layer of sweat covered his forehead. I only asked the simplest question I could think of.  'You are my friend now, right?'  at first he didn't answer but a few seconds later he nodded his head and I smiled at him. 

"Good" I said and looked forward. I could feel Isaac relaxing and knew he still observed me. 

"How did you do that?" He asked after awhile. I looked at him and smirked, but I didn't answer. His eyes were not pleased with my silence and I felt him growing irritated. He had anger issues, I could tell. 

"so, whats Scott like? I could tell he is not the loudest people I have met, I think Stiles is... I've heard he is calm and is good at handeling problems?" I could not stop the curiosity from streaming out of me. Isaac didn't seem to mind whitch made me happy.

"Yeah, he is cool. He is a good Alpha and a good friend. He learned me that anger and violence is not always the answer. That's always our plan B." He smiled showing of a perfect row of clean, white teeths. I smiled back. 

"And Stiles, he is just a human? never been bitten?" I asked. Isaac laughed a dry laughe for himself before he answerd.

"Well no, he has been offered the 'gift of the bite' but said no. He was possesed by a nigitsune a while ago though. You know, the trickster spirit? Yeah, he killed alot of people but we got our Stilinski back." He smiled again almost as it was funny before he started talking again. "Stiles is probebly the only person among us that knows how to deal with everything. He always knows what to do or have a plan." He laughed again and I could not help but smile.

Our conversation didn't get further than that before a girl walked into the room. she looked like her orgins were in asia and I could never forget her smell... fox. I locked eyes with her and she flinched back at the sight of me, her aura were clear aroun her. Isaac probebly saw me staring becouse he leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"Scotts girlfriend Kira, her mother was the one who Liberated the nigitsune that possesed Stiles. She is nice, even tought she is a fox, she controll all sorts of energy and electricity." I nodded and leaned back on my chair and smiled at her, she smiled back and I already liked her.  

The lession started and I found out that the teacher we had were very strict. He had black hair and a 'V' Shaped face and glasses. I kept talking to Lahey for the rest of the lession and the teacher were not very happy.

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