Lost in the moon

Lucy is new to Beacon Hills, she just started her third school year at the towns only school and have a bit trubble making friends. Scott can feel that there is a new alpha at the school area but can't to find out who it is. When they meet Scott learn more about his kind and Lucy finally make new friends and maybe more.

Based on the Teen Wolf series.


3. chapter 3

I still hadn't heard from McCall and 2 days already passed. I walked into english class again, the only class I had with him and walked to my bench with my eyes looking down. Thats when I felt it, the smell of an alpha. I looked around in the classroom and when his eyes met mine he got a concerned look on his face. it was still a while untill the period started so i walked fast over to my place, that was right next to mine. Stilinski who I learnd his firstname was Stiles, turned his chair so he was facing me. Scott did the same and they just looked at me. 

The alpha had black hair and a sunburned skintone, his jawn was a bit uneven and he had brown eyes. I looked into his eyes and he showed his real eyes, the red was thick as blood and the glow was not as strong as i expected it to be, he had been an alpha for about a year only. 

"Soo, you are the natural alpha?" I asked, the room was empty exept for us. He slowly nodded. and waited for me to speak. 

"I am a 'natural' alpha to. if you can call it that. I was born by two alphas, both bitten and kind of inherited the title." i explained. He kept looking at me with wide eyes, his heart picked upp its spead. 

"You are surprised." I stated. " you didn't know that could happen?" he shock his head a no and swallowed. his eyes still searched me. 

"You are a hard person to find, you leave no smell..." I interrupted myself. "..or maybe it's just me getting worse... eather way, I have searched for you for a week." his eyes met mine again and I realised I left no time for them to speak so I was quiet. 

"what do you mean getting worse?" he asked, i liked this boy, he was observant.

"Well it started the last full moon, a beta from my pack killed my parents, they ran the pack together. We were always a strong pack. anyway, he killed them and my eyes turned red instead of orange which was the colour I was born with. the beta who killed my parents died by the wounds of the fight so I guess thats why I became the alpha, he didn't defeat them he just killed them and since they were alphas when they died I, as the only wolfmember left in our family bacame the alpha.

Well I have gotten sick i think, my brother think I have some kind of wolf cold but he have no clue. he can feel it too. We are both sick and he is not even a wolf. I don't know what it is. I can't smell all the things I should be abel to smell i don't hear as well and I have trubble with my shifting and healing. Its getting harder to shift back from wolf to warewolf to human." I explained. "And look at this" i said and let my claws come out. I pressed them into my arm and felt the blood flow down my arm. the red blood was mixed whith black into a brow colour it took about a minute to heal.

"And give me you arm" I said an Scott held out his arm. I pressed my claws into his skin.

"Thats how hiv and aids is spread" Stiles said jokingly knowing we can't have hiv or aids. Scotts wound healed after his healthy red blood only started to show, after about 10 secounds.

"ok,that was not healthy for a wolf.." he stated for himself.

" My brother said he knew you, deputy Parrish? yeah, well he is having trubbles of his own, he just don't know it. it happens in his sleep. His eye starts to glow, a greenish colour, he talkes in his sleep, mumbling words backards. I hoped you could help us but you only been alpha for a year..." stiler met my eyes and layed a hand on my shouder, massaged me a bit.

"Scott help everyone, even the people that does not want his help. You don't need to worry, and if Scott cant help you we know a vet who is also a druid and his mom is a nurse and I don't think you are going to die, Lidya would know." he said. Stiles was kind of hott in a boyish kind of way. I had not tought of that before. 

"Yes, we will help you. We go to the animal clinic after school." he lowered his voice when students started to walk into the room. 

"keep close to us today, ok?" he said and I nodded. I locked eyes with stiles who smiled at me before he turned around to the sound of the last bell ringing. 

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