Lost in the moon

Lucy is new to Beacon Hills, she just started her third school year at the towns only school and have a bit trubble making friends. Scott can feel that there is a new alpha at the school area but can't to find out who it is. When they meet Scott learn more about his kind and Lucy finally make new friends and maybe more.

Based on the Teen Wolf series.


2. chapter 2

Parr woke me up at 7:30 pm, I took a quick shower and did my make up, no concealer or foundation was needed, so i bent my eyelashes put on some mascara and did my eyebrows. It was hot outside so I wore shorts and a white croptop with one of Parrs checkered shirts unbottoned over. I put on sunglasses and a beaine, then I was ready to go. Parr drove me in his police car to school so when i got out everyone stared at me.

I felt the presens of the alpha but I couldn't see anyone simular to the picture I had seen of him. I took a deep breath and started to walk into the school, The first bell rang and I hurried inside, ignoring the lookes i got from the students. I opened my backpack and took out my map over the school and my sceduale. The second bell rang. I had english the first class so i searched for the enlishroom on my map and when I found it the third bell rang and the corridor was empty.

I hurried to the english room and walked in about 20 pair of eyes were turned my way. My eyes looked throughmy sunglasses and I looked over the class, they looked just like any other teens. My eyes later fell on the teacher standing in front of me.

"Sorry im late, its my first day." I said as i made my way over to the teacher and held out my hand for him to shake. He looked like he just woke up an had a bleu thirt on with a whistle around his neck. "I am Lucy Parrish." I said and the teacher smiled. 

"Call me coach." he said and I nodded. "you maybe didn't know but you are not alowed to wear sunglasses during class. Its so we teachers can see if you are paying atention or not." he explained. I froze a bit but soon took them of. I made eye contackt with coach and he looked a bit surprised.

"I am sorry for asking but are you weareing lenses?" he asked and crossed his armes over his chest and started to bite his thumbnail waiting for a response.

"No I don't." I said dissmissing the subject. Coach took a long look at me and then turned to the class. 

"I do not want anyone to put any notes saing 'kick me' or 'im new' on the girls back, Steve I am talking to you now. Stilinski are you even awake?" a boy lifted his head from the table and almosed fell ou of his chair before he looked at coach.

"I am awake sir!" He said loud and clear. His brown eyes met mine and he almost jumped up on his feet while looking into mine. He sat still and let his hand run through his messy brown hair. I breather through my nose and could smell the boys anxiety, he knew something. 

"Lucy, you can sit where ever you want!" coached said. I looked around the classroom searching for an empty seat and found one behind the Stilinski boy. Wich was good. I walked down the road and met Stilinskis eyes, as I walked past him I realised that he was not a warewolf but the smell of alpha was all over him, I flashed my eyes for him, mede them glow. His eyes never left mine during my walk to the seat, he looked like he almost broke his back when he turned around to keep the eye contakt.  When he finally did turn around he took upp his phone and started texting someone. 

"Where is mcCall?" coach asked in a high voice. Stilinski looked up for a moment and took a deep breath. 

"He is on his way, he overslept." he told coach and I knew he was lying by his heart beat. coach rolled his eyes.

"Tell him he is upp for a suicide run on practice if he miss my whole class." Stilinski replied with 'on it coach' and started typiing on his phone again. this is good, I am in tha same class as the alpha. I looked at the back of stilinskis head and tought. I wrote a note with the words 'tell McCall to find me'  and threw it so it landed perfectly on his bench after it hit his ear so thar he would notice. 

At first he looked back at me but then noticed the note and starter reading. he didn't turn his head back to me again but a saw a small nod. 


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