Lost in the moon

Lucy is new to Beacon Hills, she just started her third school year at the towns only school and have a bit trubble making friends. Scott can feel that there is a new alpha at the school area but can't to find out who it is. When they meet Scott learn more about his kind and Lucy finally make new friends and maybe more.

Based on the Teen Wolf series.


1. chapter 1

The wind felt god in my furr as I ran on my four legs through the forrest. My goal was to find the true alpha Scott McCall, I am in great need of help and there are stories about him, what a great alpha he is all over The U.S.

Beacon Hills, I've been here for about 2 days now, and all the smells I have picked up is from beta and gamma. I know his pack hold more supernatural creatures than any other I have ever met, a banshee and a fox for exemple, he also have ordinary humans I have heard. 

I am orginally from new york, I was born warewolf, both my parents were bitten. They were alphas too, natural. Thats what made me an alpha, I inherited it, wich is unusual. I had a orange coulor on my eyes when I was born, it shifted to red when my parents died. Thats the coulor I have all the time, the only difference is that when I shift too wolf, they glow. 

I reached my final destination when the moon stod high on the sky. I stared at my brothers house as I felt my bones change, the hair on my body was growing back into my skin and all the sighes of me being an animal was long gone, My brother had left a shirt and pants out for me, knowing If would turn full wolf my clothes would be ripped. I started walking towards the house while I put the clothes on, he did not leave a bra or panties but I could manage. I opened the back door quietly and sneaked inside. As i walked towards the kitchen I heard a noise and started to sneak to scare my brother. I heard that it was him on the sound of his heart.  

the refridgerator door was open so I stood behind it and when he closed the door he screamed and his heartbeat raced. I started laughing loud. 

"so deputy Parrish, nothing can sneak by you?" I mocked referring to a conversation we had earlier that day. His brown hair was a mess and his heart beat started to come back to normal. 

"Lu, I didn't hear you come in. Found something yet?" he said taking a bit out of a sandwish. I sighed, he understood that it was a no and switched subject.

"Soo, you are starting school tomorrow, you will find him there or you can wait a while, he always show up when there is a murder involved. or when he need someone to talk to, the sheriff is like a father to him." he took another bite of the sandwish and smirked. "its a bit scary somtimes." he added.

"I just tought that after 2 days I would have picked up his smell or something. I can feel he has been there reacently but I can't smell him! It is soooo annoying. I think I am getting worse." i said and sat down on a chair. My brother prefferd to be called Deputy Parrish but I am his sister so I just call him Parr, his firstname is Jordan. He just looked at me and walked out of the room. 

"Yeah I don't feel to great eather and I don't even know if im a human or not. Maybe you just have a cold for wolfes or something. I drive you tomorrow, goodnight." I sighed as he walked out of the room. I felt tired and a bit hungry, so I made a sandwish and ate it while I scrolled throug my phone. 

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