Tears of the Lost

Just a quick poem about our world.


1. Tears of the Lost

The Tears of the Lost



In caverns deep, held by crystal pillar

to mountains high, clothed in misty cloud

The wonders of the world prove to inspire

those of our kind, those that write aloud


Those that see the ocean so deep and vast

and happily know the creatures that swim within

Those that spend days, months and years

painting the picture in words, in poetic discipline


Watching the Earth from snow-covered Alps

to pristine pre-dawn fields surrounded by forest

with creatures that range from small and meek

to mighty and bold, and often bloodthirstiest


And those we know that sadly no longer exist

from dragons that fly to fill the skies with flames

to unicorns, with spiral horns in meadows grazing

Denounced by they who have forgotten their names


This Earth, this home, this place of our mortal life

scented, flowered and dressed in splendored delight

Far too often taken for granted, overlooked and abandoned

Pursued by only those that claim it as their birthright


Someday it will sour, turn to ash and be no more

and the children of her soil cast into her winds

then they will remember all they have destroyed

and cry their bitter tears as precious life rescinds

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