Louis's Love


A girl name Zayla meets Louis and he instantly falls in love with her. And all her school years she has stood up for them now he's gonna stand up for her.


8. chapter 8

When Abigail was born she was a beautiful little baby girl. When she was born we never really went anywhere without her we always kept our eyes on her. Because we were afraid we'd lose another child. We homeschooled her and tell high school. When she got into high school she believe it or not I fell in love with Niall's son. He asked for a blessing and we said yes because he we knew he was a very nice young man. And that we would also officially be related to Niall. So they got married on January 25 of the next year. And they went on a honeymoon in the Bahamas just like we did. When they got back we found out that she was pregnant I was kind of upset because I really wasn't ready to be a grandma at the age of 50.but I guess that's what you get when you make your own mother a grandma at the age of 50 even though she was dead. she had a baby boy and named him Bennett. He was adorable we would watch them every other Wednesday and on weekends. We spoiled him a lot.happily she never lost a child. We were happy about that. She doesn't really know about her other siblings. When she came over one day she was going to be telling us that she is pregnant again. But insteadwe told her about her older brothers and sisters that we lost. She started crying and then she told us that she was pregnant with twins. She said that she hopes that never happens to her. And then we told her that her father was in a crazy maniac that wanted to kill off my kids.

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