Louis's Love


A girl name Zayla meets Louis and he instantly falls in love with her. And all her school years she has stood up for them now he's gonna stand up for her.


7. chapter 7

Month by month I was swelling up with joy I guess you could say she kicked a lot and she also liked to sleep she would kick in the middle the night and then she'd sleep all day.when the day came that she supposed to be born Louis was at a record and recording studio and he had to race across town to get to the hospital to be there in time he was. And I love him for that he almost got pulled over and sent to jail just so he could see his daughter be born. She was a beautiful baby I named her Isabella.Soon enough her first day of preschool came and also on that same day me and Louis found out that we were having twins. A couple months later we found out that it was a girl and a boy baby A was girl and baby B was boy. They were a handful in my womb at least. We name the girl Lena after Lena and Linda my best friends from high school. And we name the boy Hunter after that only guy at my school that would date me.After they were born we bought a bigger house so they could all have there own rooms. After the twins we decided to get me on birth control because we don't want anymore kids right at the moment. After that my father had heard about me having twins and already having a little girl. He was filing a lawsuit for him to get custody because he thought we weren't good parents. But we don't have enough money right of the time because well twins are very costly. So we had the twins taken away as well as Isabella we were depressed. So we started having sex again. I forgot how big his penis was. Then we stopped again just because we thought it would make things worse. Then we got enough money to work up a lawsuit and it turns out is my father's neighbors were filing lawsuits because they heard screaming from his house. When we finally got to visit them. They had bruises and scrapes all over them. Then we found out that Isabella had herpes and AIDS. It made me so mad. So we decided to get my father thrown in jail. We had to put Isabella in the hospital because she was not doing good. She died a week later. I went to depression nothing would make me happy at all not even Louis.then because Louis couldn't make me happy he went into the depression. Then one day when the twins were walking to school this crazy truck driver came out and smashed them. They died.

When the boys heard what happened they practically ran over to our house. And they seen that were in such a bad state that they literally want to leave us alone. So when we got chewed out the first thing they told us to do was screw. I guess I kind of love them for that. Because that made us a lot happier. Now we were at the age of like 35. So we tried again for children that is. The doctor said that I was no longer capable of having children. That made me very upset but I didn't go into depression. But we tried anyway we tried like all the time it was bad. We became obsessed. Then A miracle happened I was pregnant. We were going to have a baby girl and we are going to name her Abigail. After my mother.

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