Louis's Love

WARNING INNAPROPRATE FOR PEOPLE 13 AND UNDER A girl name Zayla meets Louis and he instantly falls in love with her. And all her school years she has stood up for them now he's gonna stand up for her.


5. Chapter 5

Then we went to the bus and the boys were like " Ooooooh we seen what happened out there!" " did you hear anything?" "Nah but we seen you two kissing" I blushed but not embarrassed. Then Niall asks" what type of pizza do you like?" Then I proudly say "TACO PIZZA!" Then he said " Louis I like her that's one more person that likes taco pizza! Sorry Liam !" " I'll just get a small cheese pizza then" " holy cow! You can eat that much?" " Yea you should see how much Niall can eat one large pizza "

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