Louis's Love


A girl name Zayla meets Louis and he instantly falls in love with her. And all her school years she has stood up for them now he's gonna stand up for her.


4. Chapter 4

When I first seen you

I loved you

When I talked to you

Your everything I needed

When I seen you I knew I need you

Yeah I need you girl

Your perfect to me in all your way

Every since I seen you

I've been gathering up courage to ask

To ask if

If you love me

The real me

Not my public appearance

But the real me

Cause your perfect for me

My mascara was running. " I love it it's so perfect it's just perfect " The boys laugh and smile at me. Then they start talking amongst themselves, looking over my way and saying things like this " yes yeah do it. And the girls are telling me " he soo likes you" and " bet he's gonna ask you our" eventually we start talking about random Shit . Then out of the blue " We're going home have fun!"

I was so embarrassed. Then the boys walk out to there bus, but Louis comes over and asks " do you want to go for pizza?" He look at me pleading me with his eyes. I look towards my mum . She nods her head yes. And we walk out the door and Louis says" when I first seen you I actually fell in love with you. And the guys thought I was nuts . But that song that song was written by heart. I really do love you … a lot. So I guess you could count this as a date with me. Do you love me the way I love you?" I stare at him not believing what he just said. Also realizing that I am alone. With Louis Tomlinson. In my yard. Then think if I could kiss him. No . " Louis I love you more than you can ever know. I've gotten in to fights with the boys in my class saying" they aren't gay fags there fucking beautiful boys that you wish you looked like so all the girls would swoon over you! And that's why I have only dated one person unless you count yourself then that's two." Then Louis picks me up hugs me gives me a kiss then sets me back on my feet.

" I love you you are such a dedicated fan I bet you've gotten a few detentions for saying that I really do love you not lying to you." " Louis I love you more than you love me now let's go get pizza."

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