Louis's Love


A girl name Zayla meets Louis and he instantly falls in love with her. And all her school years she has stood up for them now he's gonna stand up for her.


2. Chapter 2

"ZAYLA TIME TO GET UP THEY WILL BE HERE IN A HOUR!" As I thought I was like "who are they?"Crap, what am I gonna do? So I threw on my favorite shirt and a pair of jeans. Quickly brush my hair. Which is strait as a board. Wish I had time to put it in curlers. " Zayla someone's at the door come answer it" "coming " It was Lindi my best friend from 7th grade. Then Elsie. Finally Lena came. They each bought 2 presents the for me. Lindi bought me a new one direction album and a lot of chocolate. Elsie gave me 20 dollars and a tutu(it's a tradition). Lena gave me a camera and concert tickets. They had no clue who was coming! BLAM BLAM BLAM . "I'll get it". Elsie yelled "NO I DO ITS MY PARTY YOU KNOW" I yell over the music. I open the door and guess who's there ONE DIRECTION ! We all shriek. Louis comes up to me and whispers in my ear "are you the birthday hhOf girl? Even if you aren't you are the most beautiful gal here" I blush " yes and thanks"

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