The Adventure in the Underworld

Have you ever thought what happened to Fred Weasley after he died? Or Dobby? Find out what happens to different HP characters that died when they get to the Underworld (it's also a PJO fanfiction).


2. Dobby

Dobby looked at the three judges who stood in front of him. It felt like they were looking into Dobby's mind and memories, and that really frightened him.

"What is it? It's not even human!", said the first judge.

"Minos, just be quiet. Let's get over with it", said the another judge.

"Fine. It should go to The Fields of Asphodel, I think", said the judge called Minos.

"I see that he died because he saved the lives of humans. In my opinion, he should got to Elysium", said the third judge.

"I agree with Minos. Besides, the creature isn't even human!" said the second judge.

"So it's a majority. The creature will go to The Fields of Asphodel", said Minos.

"Thank sir, but Dobby doesn't know what The Fields of Asphodel are", Dobby said.

"We are not going to waste our time explaining the creature what The Fields of Asphodel are", said Minos.

"The Fields of Asphodel are the place that most of the dead go to. It means that you didn't commit crimes in your life, but you haven't done anything noble either", said the third judge that judged Dobby to Elysium.

"Thank you sir", said Dobby as everything dissolved around him.

When everything returned to normal, Dobby found himself in a huge and dark place, which he supposed were The Fields of Asphodel.

He understoof by what the judge meant when he siad "the place that most of the dead go to". Thousands of dead people were in this place. With so much people, Dobby wondered if there's someone that he knew when he was alive. Maybe Harry Potter was here if he died.

Harry Potter. Dobby had to know what was going on in the wizarding world. He had to send a message to Harry Potter somehow. But how?

Dobby looked around The Fields of Asphodel and wondered if there was a way to contact Harry Potter, but he didn't have any idea.

But then he saw him. The way to contact Harry Potter and his friends was standing a few kilometers to his left. It was a human boy, and he was alive.   

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