The Adventure in the Underworld

Have you ever thought what happened to Fred Weasley after he died? Or Dobby? Find out what happens to different HP characters that died when they get to the Underworld (it's also a PJO fanfiction).


1. Dobby

Dobby never imagined that when he'll wake up as a dead (but free) elf, it will be in a dark place, the underworld. 

At least Dobby died saving Harry Potter and his friends, Dobby thought to himself. He had no idea where he was, so he decided to ask someone.

"Excuse me sir, could you tell be where we are?" he asked.

"If you'll tell me what you are", muttered the man. 

Dobby was used to being treated worse than this, so he didn't really care.

"Could you tell Dobby where we are?"

"We are in the Underworld. The land of the dead".

" Where are we heading to?"

 "To the Judgement Pavillion. There we will be judged according to what we did in the world of the living, and we'll be sent to The Fields of Asphodel, Fields of Punishment, Elysium or on rare occasions Isles of the Blest".

Dobby had no idea what those places are, but he hoped that he did good enough things in the world of the living, at least good enough to to besent to the Fields of Punishment. Dobby was punished enough in his short life. 

Author's Note: I'm sorry that this chapter is so short, the next chapters will be longer. 

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