A Late Start

A relatable understanding of what it is like to be a college student.


1. One Step at A Time

Have you ever been so completely lost with your life that you just sat down and questioned the possibility of becoming an exotic dancer? That’s exactly how I felt for the past oh I don’t know, forever. I couldn’t make up my mind about what exactly I wanted to pursue in life, what kind of career I wanted. Doctor? Well, ever y one wants to be a doctor and medical school is rough to get into. In addition to that, I can’t see myself waking up being happy as a doctor. Lawyer? Anyone that knows me knows I love to debate, but I can’t possibly see myself happy with that either. Law doesn’t even interest me. I thought about being a chef, but I can’t cook and I’m not all that creative. And again, I don’t know about waking up every day to work at a restaurant. I swore up and down for the longest that I wanted to work in International Relations, because I love foreign culture. However, there’s so much politics and law that comes into play and that’s not me. I’m not a cubicle girl, I’m not the paintbrush femme, and I’m certainly not into suits. I was taking Pre-Nursing for the first year of college and at first, I was determined. I loved Anatomy and Physiology. It was an absolutely amazing class. Did I enjoy the idea of getting straight A’s to apply to a program that only accepts 60 of out the 600 people that apply each year? NOPE. Did I see myself working around physically sick people? Not really. That’s when I decided to just take classes to get my general education requirements done. I figured let me just knock those on out of the way so that maybe I can come up with a major. My GPA went from 4.0 to 2.9 to 3.2 to all sorts of not 4.0’s. The struggle to find something that fit me was weighing in the closer I got to 60 credits. Now one of the only classes I really focused on, never skipped, and retained information about was Psychology.  I took a General Psych course in the Fall of 2013. I fell in love with Psychology right then and there. Exactly same feeling as if I was falling in love with a guy. Stomach butterflies and the whole nine. Did I want to major in it? Not at the time, but let’s drop that and pick it back up in a few sentences. I also took an Elementary French class the same semester. Hated the class with a passion.  I worked a lot and my class was at 9am on Mondays and Wednesdays which was terrible because I never woke up on time to make it. I disliked my professor because I felt like he hated me. I decided after that class that I was never taking French ever again. Let’s go to the Spring of 2014, my worst semester yet. I signed up for 5 classes and told myself I was going to be an Environmental Science major. I ended up dropping 2 classes and received a D in Accounting (how random was this course and why was I even taking it?). It was hard. I felt like a complete failure and I HAD YET TO PICK A MAJOR. I hadn’t finished my language requirement, I’m now 8 credits behind, and I’m just a mess. But wait. I thought back and said to myself, “What am I doing wrong?” I realized my two biggest mistakes: tossing Psychology to the side when it was the only class I adored and giving up so easily on French. Let’s talk about now. The present. Ajourd’hui. Maintenant.  I am currently a Psychology Major and a French Minor. SAY WHAAAAT? Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have finally chosen the rest of my life. What made me come to this you ask? Well, I absolutely love science. I love to help people. I love learning Psychology. Psychology encompasses the science aspect and the helping others aspect with areas such as Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, Mental Health Counseling, etc. There are so many areas to choose from, a little bit of everything. It’s a medical job without the blood work unless of course you have a patient that self-inflicts or harms others and in that case well maybe some blood. “French? Thought you hated French.” Ha, well, I thought I did. I took Elementary French II at a better time slot in my schedule with the same professor and the class was great. Fantastic. I’m half Spanish and barely speak it, but I’d rather learn French instead.  My journey through French inspired me to minor in it.  I couldn’t see myself giving it up or not continuing it after the Elementary classes. What exactly I plan to do with my degree, I have not decided. I want to join the Peace Corps, I want to travel to France and learn better French as well as teach English, I want to get my Masters in Psychology and possibly go on to a PhD. The possibilities are truly endless, but I’m so glad I’ve pieced together something that was puzzling me for quite some time. If only I could figure everything else out. I have to remind myself, one step at a time. 

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