"I thought you said we'd be forever?"

" love,"his eyes grew darker,"forever is not truly forever. It always has to end, everything dies eventually."


2. Chapter Two

When they reached the top their lungs were fighting for air. Clearly these were the effects of sitting around all through the summer holidays.

"I hope we...don't end up getting chased tonight because...I'm so out of shape." Calum gasped, leaning against the wall.

"You're such a drama queen cal." Luke laughed, "C'mon let's go."

As they approached the door way they were greeted by the 'least sarcastic teacher in the world' that goes by the name of Mr Chambers.

"I see you both've been doin' plenty of exercise during your time off, then?" The spiky black haired teacher asked, clearly noticing the tomato red faces of the boys.

"Ha yeh." Calum mumbled.

Luke said something along the same lines but Calum couldn't quite hear him.

They went in and sat down, ready to get checked off the register and leave with their new timetables.

"Just waiting for a few more!" Mr Chambers announced.

Calum sighed, he'd already had enough of this place. He glanced up at the door way to see a girl. He'd never seen her before so she was obviously new.

The first thing Calum noticed was that she was attractive. He started to wonder if his face had returned back to its original colour but could already feel his cheeks begin to flush.

The girl was of similar complexion to Calum but slightly paler. She had deep brown eyes that looked somewhat surreal but so real. Her hair was of medium length and very dark, with a slight curl to it; it framed her face perfectly.

Calum looked at her up and down, she had a slim but also curvy figure which he found very...appealing.

She stepped into the room nervously, her mesmerising eyes darting about as though expecting someone launch a surprise attack on her.

"Excuse me," she spoke, her voice soft but also with an edge to it,"are you Mr Chambers? I'm Anna Newhall, I was told to come here."

"Umm...yeh right um ok, go sit over there with Laura ." He replied.

As she walked past Calum she caught his eye. Looked at him directly in the eyes and smiled, rendering him speechless.

Being the awkward person he is he didn't smile back. No, just stared into her eyes. Not creepy at all he thought.

The timetables were handed out and Calum was happy to find he was in every single lesson with Luke apart from art.

"Dude, you totally like the new girl." ,Luke teased.

"Shut up Luke! I do not!" Calum countered.

"Yes you do, she smiled at you and then you went all, ooooh ahhh, and stared the freakin' eyes out of her!", Luke opened his eyes as wide as he could, so to imitate Calum.

"Whatever man, you're crazy!" Calum laughed, as he got up to walk to his first lesson of the year, following behind Luke.

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