"I thought you said we'd be forever?"

" love,"his eyes grew darker,"forever is not truly forever. It always has to end, everything dies eventually."


3. Chapter Three

The English teacher stood glaring at the students who were huddled like penguins in various group across the corridor. Calum could see that she was getting ready to shout.

"Right! Get in to a line!" She shouted, her face turning tomato red.

Everyone began lining up, a few people left astray. Luke turned to Calum.

"Great, we've got her. "

"Maybe she's not that bad..."

The teacher walked to the back of the line where Calum and Luke were stood.

"Why are we speaking?! I expect much better behaviour from a top class!"

Ok, maybe she was that bad.

"Now, everyone go inside, the seating plan is on the board. I expect you all to sit in your allocated seats!" She announced, glaring at Calum.

Everyone made their way into the class room. Luckily Calum found that he and Luke were sat together, as the teacher had sat everyone in alphabetical order by second name. Calum being Calum Hood, and Luke being Luke Hemmings. At least there's one good thing about this class Calum thought.

He sat down at his desk, along with Luke. Then the teacher walked in.

"You two boys better behave or I will be forced to move you for disruption of the class." She said sternly. Calum and Luke nodded in unison.

A few sniggers came from the back of the class. Just what I need, being noticed on the first day, Calum thought.

The lesson continued and Calum and Luke managed, with great caution, not to get moved.


* * *


The bell rung, announcing the start of lunch time. Calum stood up from his seat- double history really wasn't good for the back. He frantically gathered his stuff together and shoved it in his bag whilst trying to catch up with Luke, who had already started to make his way out of the boiling hot room.

"Hey, man wait up!" Calum called to Luke who then tried to turn around but failed due to the tightly packed people around him.

"Sorry Cal, didn't mean to leave ya. Guess the hunger took over and I forgot about you! Haha."

Calum replied with a laugh and they both made their way to the dinner hall...


The two boys were glad they'd brought their own lunch as right before them stood a queue of hungry teenagers that snaked around the entire hall. To their right a tall boy with coloured hair was pushing into the queue causing a commotion between him and the other pupils. Calum seemed to recognise him. Luke did too.

A teacher approached the boy with an expression on her face that turned angrier by the second.

"Look, I'm really hungry and its pizza day today!", the boy shouted, " I just want to get some before it all goes! It's God damn pizza day and I just want a slice! WHERE IS YOUR HUMANITY?" He carried on pushing but the teacher, a feeble looking woman, somehow gained the strength to pull him away.

"I guess he likes pizza." Calum said to Luke.

"Mm..come on let's sit down."


"Um...oh look there's an empty table. Let's go there." Luke pointed to the table and they walked over and sat at it.

Calum began taking his lunch out of his bag when a fist slammed down on the table next to him.

"Who said you could sit here?" A deep voice boomed from behind Calum.

Calum turned to face a tall muscular boy who was staring down at him. His sharp features concentrating on Calum-waiting for a reply.

"Me?" Calum replied, unsure of how to answer the question.

Clearly he'd answered wrong as the boy grabbed Calum by is collar and lifted him to stand up.

"This is our table," the boy moved so Calum could see his other friends, "so you do not sit here. Do I make my self clear?"

By now Luke had grabbed his and Calum's things and was stood up ready to go.

"Crystal clear." Calum replied spitefully while pulling himself from the boy's grip.

Calum and Luke both walked away from the table to edge of the hall.

"Cal, do you know what you just did?" Luke said, he sounded somewhat amazed, "That's Peter Gold, he's like the most popular guy in school and you just stood up to the ass hole! You better hope this doesn't come back to kick you in the butt. Jeez Cal it's only the first day back!"


Eventually Calum and Luke found a table that was empty, apart from one person, and began eating their lunch. They both sat opposite the boy from earlier who had confessed his undying love for pizza. He had a grim look on his face.

"Did you get any pizza then?" Luke asked.

Calum nudged him, "Luke!", he whispered.

"What do you think?", the boy replied and pointed at his face.

An awkward silence passed in which Luke got up and walked off leaving Calum and the pizza deprived boy at the table.

"So...what's your name?",Calum asked, "not to sound weird or I'm crap at'm Calum"

The boy stared at him with a blank face which then grew into a smile, " I'm Michael, and I'm awkward too!" He put out his hand and Calum shook it.

Suddenly Michael's eyes were fixed upon something behind Calum.

"Here, I brought some pizza. You looked kinda sad."It was Luke. That's where he'd gone!

"Thanks man!" Michael beamed.

"It was the last slice!", Luke said.

"Oh yeh, I'm Michael. This is Calum but clearly you know him...he knows me...what's your name? Never caught it...not that you can catch a name..."

"I'm Luke.", Luke smiled and sat back down.

"Wait, I know where I recognise you from!", Calum said to Michael, "Well, I recognised your hair...wasn't it green last week?"

"Yeh, but I guess I was feeling more red this week ya know."

"Oh my god, same Cal! Thought I'd seen you, or your hair, somewhere before!" Luke said, astonished.


The bell rang announcing the end of lunch.

"Hey guys, see you here tomorrow then?" Michael asked.

"Sure!" Calum replied.

"See ya, pizza boy!" Luke shouted as they walked off.


* * *


Calum walked into the large science classroom, Luke behind him. He'd just about had enough and it was only the first day back. At least this was the last lesson he thought. However, it didn't feel like last lesson as maths, the previous lesson, had dragged so much he felt like he was doing overtime.

"Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Anna Newhall...", the rat faced science teacher pointed to a row of four indicating the seats the four pupils were sat in.

Luke walked over to Calum, nudged his shoulder and smirked nodding in the direction of Anna.

"Shut up!", Calum hissed in response.

"What I haven't done anything!", it was Michael.

"Oh, I was talking to Luke, sorry man."

"No problem, oh my god we are in the same lesson!", Michael stated the obvious, with a beaming smile, to Calum and Luke.


The three boys sat down at their seats; Michael, Luke, Calum then Anna.

"Right everyone, get your books out.", the teacher said.

"Miss we don't have any yet!" A voice from the back of the room called out.

"Oh yes, sorry I forgot. I've got an awful headache again...let me just go fetch them." She walked off, rubbing her forehead.

"Hey...", a voice to Calum's right said. It didn't occur to him that it was Anna at first. He was shocked that she actually wanted to talk to him.

"Oh, hi...", he felt his face redden as he realised he'd been staring at her.

"I'm Anna, and you are..." She smiled, sensing that Calum was embarrassed.

"Um, Calum." He replied,"you new here then?"

"Yeh, we moved here a week ago. My dad needed a new job and there was one here so that's why we're here! Also it's nearer to family and the house is bigger so I get a room that I can actually fit all my stuff in. My mum also already has a job here at the estate agents so it's easier for her. Sorry I'm rambling on! Haha"

"Is that exactly why you're here? Are you absolutely positive you're not hiding anything?", Calum joked and she laughed.

"I'm sure", she smiled.

"I don't need to interrogate you or anything then?"

"No, I'm sure", she laughed.

Wow, Calum thought. I actually didn't ruin any chance I had with her.

The teacher trotted back into the class room with a tower of books in her arms.

"Ok, everyone come up and get a book!"

Michael offered to get all four of them a book each, so Calum and Luke stayed where they were. Anna had turned round and had began talking to someone...Laura, it was Laura. She was in Calum's tutor group.

The two of them seemed to get along really well, perhaps they'd known each other before.

Calum spent the rest of the lesson worrying about if it was such a great idea to go into the woods after school and look for a missing, or even dead, person.

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