"I thought you said we'd be forever?"

" love,"his eyes grew darker,"forever is not truly forever. It always has to end, everything dies eventually."


1. Chapter One

"Calum! CAL-"

"Yes I'm up jeez stop shouting me!" Calum replied, his mother didn't seem to understand that he could manage his own time and get up at 7am rather than 6am and still be ready for school.

It would be Calum's fourth year at Heather High this year and he was not looking forward to it. Nobody seemed to acknowledge his existence, or his friend Luke's. They were both social outcasts. They didn't talk to people, people didn't talk to them. Simple.

Dragging himself out of bed, he got dressed, grabbed his bag and headed downstairs. Once he reached the bottom of the stairs the smell of bacon took over his senses. Ofcourse, the first day back at school called for a big breakfast. He'd need the energy.

"Looking forward to it?" His mother asked as she handed him a bacon sandwich. YUM!


"You don't look like you are! Cheer up, you never know what might happen. After all it's a new year so anything is possible!"

It turned 8am and Calum set off to walk to school. The cold air immediately hit his face, shocking him slightly, as he walked out of the front door. Walking down the path to the end of his driveway he heard a snigger. Intrigued, he carried on walking as quiet as he could.


"Damn it, Luke you scared the crap out of me!" ,Calum playfully punched Luke in the shoulder."could've warned me, man."

"Haha, sorry." Luke laughed, clearly not sorry.

Calum had known Luke his whole life. They had been friends since nursery and their relationship has never faltered. Luke was obsessed with sci-fi movies, comics and most annoyingly Twilight. Calum hated Twilight but still watched all of them non-stop for a whole weekend with Luke just to please him.

Calum and Luke carried on walking to school. The early morning clouds began to clear and the hot sun beamed down on the two of them.

"God, it's bloody hot for September!" Luke said, taking off his jacket.

"Uh-huh" replied Calum, he wasn't really in the mood for talking.

"Hey man, my dad's got a new case! Something about a missing person in the woods. I was thinkin' we could check it out tonight. You know, might get something if we find 'em" he smiled.

"Luke, don't you think that's sort of...I dunno...illegal?"

"Your forgetting my friend! My dad's the sheriff." Luke laugh and looked at Calum, "Seriously man, it'll be fine! We'll just have a look around, then if we don't find anything we'll go home. Maybe pass through the comic store?", he smirked.

"Whatever, dude. If we get caught though you can take all the blame!"

They both finally reached the school gates. Other students walked through looking like the some of the cast off the Walking Dead. Their faces sullen and dark circles surrounding their tired eyes. Calum couldn't blame them. It's almost impossible to walk into school with a smile on your face.

Nevertheless he persevered on through the 'gateway to hell' and he and Luke headed to their registration room to collect their timetables. Calum hoped they would be in most lessons together. He couldn't possibly stay sane at school if they weren't.

Pulling their feet along the floor they both began the three flight climb to their registration room.

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