Falling For A Stranger

The summer before sophomore year, the two strangers had no idea that each other existed. The strangers, Isabella & Shawn, we're both teenage heart patients. Their lives were somewhat normal, except finding love was a little harder for them, since they were considered "different". That is until, a few interesting months at summer camp for only heart patients changed their lives forever. Will they fall in love with each other? Or will they keep their summer promises?


2. Isabella

Hi, my name is Isabella Maria Palma. I'm 5ft 3in, I have long natural reddish-brown hair, dark brown eyes, & my favorite colors are red & teal. I'm one of three kids; Luke(19), Maria(15), and then me(15). Luke is my older brother, he moved to California a year ago, to follow his dream of directing; I haven't seen him since he got on that plane. As for Maria, she's my twin sister; we look nothing alike though. She has short natural blond hair, ocean-blue eyes, she's 5ft, & wayyy prettier than I am. She gets all the guys attention, in a blink of an eye; without even trying! I've always been jealous of her, not because of her looks or the guys attention; but because she was born normal. She's a free bird, when I'm stuck behind closed doors because my parents are worried that I'll get hurt. I'm stronger than they think; and I'm different, this summer, I'm finally going to accept that. I love to dance & sing; but I'm also quite the actor(I learned from my best friend Alexia) I've had one boyfriend in the past; but that was a huge mess. He ended up cheating on me with the cheer captain, oh well, she ended up cheating on him, too. My family moved from New York, New York to get away from him, & for my parent's jobs; but for me, we moved because he wouldn't leave me alone. Now, my family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. And I'm going to a heart camp, to make new friends; possibly to find any people from Cincinnati.

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