Falling For A Stranger

The summer before sophomore year, the two strangers had no idea that each other existed. The strangers, Isabella & Shawn, we're both teenage heart patients. Their lives were somewhat normal, except finding love was a little harder for them, since they were considered "different". That is until, a few interesting months at summer camp for only heart patients changed their lives forever. Will they fall in love with each other? Or will they keep their summer promises?


4. Before They Leave Home

Shawn's POV:

"Shawn! You have an hour until we have to leave to drop you off at heart camp on time!", I heard my mom yell from downstairs. "Okay mom!", I yelled back.

I'm so excited! I feel like this year will be different, I don't know how though. I just know that I'm having NO girl drama this summer at camp. I'm gonna focus on soccer, paintball, & hanging out with my guy friends. Nothing could change that.

I turned around, looked at my alarm clock; five minutes until time to leave. I grab my phone, phone charger, & headphones. My luggage is already in the car; thanks to putting it in there last night. I ran out the door, almost falling on my face. *smooth Shawn! Great way to start the day!(sarcasm)*. I got in the car, put my headphones in, and got lost in my world of music.

Isabella's POV:

I have fifteen minutes until time to leave for camp. I'm SUPER excited, but still so nervous. This camp is for heart patients only, and it's my first year; I'm kinda scared, hopefully I find a group a friends in the first few days. I need to focus on my dance skills & my voice. I also hope that some of the camps live in Cincinnati, so I won't be completely alone at school; when it starts. I just hope that I won't get into any guy drama this year; I've had enough of that!

I looked at my clock; exactly five minutes left until time to leave. I grab my luggage, phone, phone charger, headphones, & sunglasses. I ran out the door & into the car. As soon as I get into the car, I put my headphones in & fall into my music fantasy.

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