Falling For A Stranger

The summer before sophomore year, the two strangers had no idea that each other existed. The strangers, Isabella & Shawn, we're both teenage heart patients. Their lives were somewhat normal, except finding love was a little harder for them, since they were considered "different". That is until, a few interesting months at summer camp for only heart patients changed their lives forever. Will they fall in love with each other? Or will they keep their summer promises?


8. Beach Party Preparations

Nick's POV:

As the guys and I were walking from the girls' cabin, I started thinking. What if Shawn really likes this girl, & actually dates her longer than the summer? I don't know, maybe it's just a faze or something. Then, I heard the words that never came out of Shawn's mouth, when talking about a girl....

ST: so guys, what do you think about Isabella?

*weird looks & silence exchanged between all of us*

CR: ummm why do you ask Shawn?

ST: I don't know, I...well...I guess she's just different. I guess I wanted all of your approvals first before I go any further with things.

NL: do you mean, that you really really like this girl, and she might be more than a summer thing?

ST: umm yeah I guess you can say that.

*silence & worried looks were exchanged between Shawn's friends*

NL: well...we want to get to know her first, before we approve. If she's so different, to make you act this way....then we need to get to know her.

ST: Great! I hope you guys like her, she's a great girl. She's a really different type of person.

CR: Why is she "so different" anyway?

ST: She's just...well different. Honest, sporty, shy, loves video games, loves to read, likes to go hiking in the woods, & she's a natural beauty. Oh! Oh my gosh! She can really sing & dance; she's really talented.

NL: oh my gosh, watch out! Shawn's fangirling!

ST: oh shut up Nick, let's just go to our cabin & get ready for our dates...we need to be ready early, because I wanna go pick up the girls & walk with then there.

CR: awww he called it a date!

NL: oh, be quiet Cliff! We both know that you would want this to be a real date too since you like Scarlett. And you have nothing to say back, because I'm dating Rosie; 5 months yesterday.

CR: fine let's just go, I don't want to be late for our dates either.

ST: wait, where is Parker?

NL: I don't know...I think he ran off with that Sabrina girl, he's always talking to. I still can't believe they're not dating yet.

All: yeah

*they enter Cabin 3A(their cabin)*

Shawn's POV:

We enter our cabin & start to look for clothes to wear to the beach party. I decide to wear a white tshirt with a red button-up shirt with 3/4 sleeves, with black shorts & my black converses. I remember Isabella telling me that her favorite color is red, so I thought I can impressing her with that.

*the girl's cabin*

Isabella's POV:

I have 1 hour to finish getting ready. The girls are all wearing skirts & a crop top; but I decided to be different. I decided to wear red shorts, a black shirt that says "Don't Mess With This Dancer", & my black converses. I decided to curl my hair, and to add a red & black bandana in my hair. I applied some natural makeup, I normally don't wear any, but I decided to change it up; I also decided to put on bright red lipstick on, to match my outfit. I hope I don't grasp too much attention of myself, especially dressing this way. I just hope that Shawn likes it.

With 20 minutes to spare, all of us girls decided to sit on the cabin porch & sing One Direction songs. I guess we lost track of time, when we heard clapping, after all of us finished singing "She's Not Afraid" by One Direction. The guys came down the trail that led to our cabin, clapping, screaming, & whistling. All of us girls just looked at each other...calmly walked down the stairs...then took off sprinting to the too of the hill where the trail begins...leaving the guys behind.

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