Falling For A Stranger

The summer before sophomore year, the two strangers had no idea that each other existed. The strangers, Isabella & Shawn, we're both teenage heart patients. Their lives were somewhat normal, except finding love was a little harder for them, since they were considered "different". That is until, a few interesting months at summer camp for only heart patients changed their lives forever. Will they fall in love with each other? Or will they keep their summer promises?


6. Awkward but Relaxing

Shawn's POV:

The girl & I started walking, but her cabin is Cabin 7B; this is going to be a longggg walk.

We've been walking for 5 minutes now, yet not talking. Maybe I should start the conversation. I don't know, would that be awkward? Probably not; all of a sudden, my mouth began to make words come out of it.

ST-Shawn Taylor

IP-Isabella Palma

ST: hey

IP: umm hi

ST: what's you're name?

IP: Isabella

ST: do people call you Bella?

IP: umm no one has ever asked to call me that.

ST: can I call you, Bella? then that could be only my thing; so you know who is saying your name?

IP: umm sure but if I don't answer the first few times I'm sorry; cuz I'm not used to it.

ST: ok that's fine and don't worry, you'll love it here. there's many things you can do like.... Soccer, paintball, sing, dance, read, swimming, make new friends &...well I guess, a lot more.

BUT.... there are some things that you probably won't enjoy.

IP: Like?...

ST: umm like, ugh how do I put this? Umm kinda like...

IP: .....heart break? Fall into a summer love, with a person you might never see again?

ST: umm yeahhh.

*awkward 5 minutes*

ST: well here's your cabin. I'll come & take you on that tour after lunch. *starts walking away*

IP: WAIT! I didn't get your name.

ST: Shawn. Shawn Harold Taylor.

IP: well Shawn Harold Thomas, it was very nice to meet you, & thank you for being my guide around camp this year.

ST: Anytime, Bella. At lunch, maybe you can meet my friends, & become part of our friends circle thing?

IP: uhh yeah sure, that sounds great. See ya at lunch

ST: alright, see ya

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