Falling For A Stranger

The summer before sophomore year, the two strangers had no idea that each other existed. The strangers, Isabella & Shawn, we're both teenage heart patients. Their lives were somewhat normal, except finding love was a little harder for them, since they were considered "different". That is until, a few interesting months at summer camp for only heart patients changed their lives forever. Will they fall in love with each other? Or will they keep their summer promises?


5. Arriving At Camp

Isabella's POV:

We are pulling into the gates of the camp, and I'm already more nervous about meeting new people. I look out the window to observe the dining hall & soccer field, when suddenly someone caught my eye. I wait for him to turn around, to see his face. When he turns, I duck behind the car window; I hope he didn't see me. My dad parks the car, and I get out; I grab my luggage and say goodbye to my family. As I watch the car pull away, I catch that guy looking at me from a distance. He starts to walk my way, but I quickly grab my stuff & speed walk to the registration office. When I get there, I sign papers, take a picture for a camp collage, then I wait for my "escort" to show me a tour of the camp & to my cabin. Turns out, the guy I saw in the car window, is my escort; gosh, my luck is horrible.

Shawn's POV:

My family & I arrive at the camp gates 10 minutes early, so we were let in & I got registered earlier than usual. I was told that I could be an escort for the new campers this year, so I obviously agreed; great way to meet new friends. But when I was coming back from taking a camper to his cabin, a car pulled in, with a very beautiful girl in the window, she ducked when she saw me looking; but my friends told me she was looking at me, so I took little sneak-peeks of her. When she got out of the car, I was going to introduce myself to her, but she quickly turned away, and sped walked to the registration office. I had to go and take her to see her cabin, so I just followed her & waited until she was done with her registration. When I came to introduce myself, she pretended to not hear me. Then I came to the other side of her & talked to her so she couldn't bloke me out, "I'm your escort around camp & to your cabin; so I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other all summer", trying so hard not to sound flirty. She finally agreed after 10 minutes of convincing; so we walked out the doors.

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