Break Free

-"I love you babe,"
-"I love you too."
Ariana Grande grew up to be an amazing singer, and to have a hot boyfriend. But while she's on tour, an amazing boy in the audience catches her eye. When she's back on the bus, she realises her boyfriend is a tyrant, and that mysterious boy in the audience, is the one she really loves.


2. In the bus

-When the concert ended, we went back to the bus. I pulled my half up, half down hair out, and put the band on the side. I sighed, tiredly. Sometimes, concerts seem to go on forever, you know? I walked in to my room, singing 'Uptown Funk'. I loved that song, it was so original! I opened my closet to get my PJ's on. I was so tired. It had been 2 days since that first concert, and I had been so crowded by paparazzi, I hadn't been able to see my boyfriend. I pulled my PJ's on, and climbed into bed. When I got in, I felt something beside me. I lifted the covers, and saw my boyfriend grinning up at me. I giggled. His hair was all fuzzy and messed up, because of being in the bed.

"Hey," he said, quietly. 

"Hi," I whispered, snuggling up to him. His chest was so comfy, I never wanted to leave. I love him so much. I wished this moment would never end. He was mine, and mine only. Nothing in the world could change that. He tilted my chin up, and crashed his lips onto mine. A shame that he never did it that gently. It would be even better if he did. 


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