'Did you ever think about life in places you'd never know? Like: under water, on the clouds and underground? Creatures like me? We are called Opritrie, a magical species, that looks exactly like a human, such as yourself. Well come with me and I'll tell you all about our kind. Come with me, and become one of us...'
A magical fantasy, where Ophelia, will take you to the land of the Opritrie. Prepare to be whisked away, to a world like no other, a world where you could become another person...


1. Hello

Hello , my name is Ophelia Willows and I am a Opritrie. A magical species that looks like a human being. We exist in places you would never think of. Like:  the clouds,the sea, underground or in human's dreams. But I'm different. I can travel across the human border, and hide my wings to look like a human. I live in the Woolicombe Forests when I'm on assignments for the queen, with my animal friends.

"Would Ophelia May Willows please report to Borden Station in 5 minutes please!" Sorry. I have to go. Bye!


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