The Wierd Ones

Tris and her boyfriend are walking along the beach, when they see one of Tris' old friends from High School, Amber Millington. Amber was walking with Hally Willow, another of their old gang. When the girls meet again, will it break Tris' bond with her BF, or will it make it stronger?


1. Meet Me

-Hi! My name's Tris Summers. I'm 19 years old, though I look very young for my age. Apparently. I do have a boyfriend, before you ask! His names Liam Gallagher, he's got brown hair that shines, like mine, and he has gorgeous hazel eyes. I, on the other hand, have wavy blond locks, that wave in the slightest breeze and my eyes are a beautiful shimmering blue, like the sea. Liam, is amazingly tanned, but I am fairly pale. I know what you're thinking. How weird must they look walking together on the beach? Well, I guess that's why they call us 'The Wierd Ones'...


Comment if u think this was a fairly good chapter to get the book started.

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