Don't Fall For His Tricks

Fleur Doran is moving from her life in the US to start again in Syndey, Australia. Back in US Fleur was a good girl with a sweet reputation, She had good grades and many friends but what will happen when bad boy Luke Hemmings meddles with her life, Will she have many friends or will her world crumble around her.


6. Trouble

I met eye to eye with Hazel who looked terrified. Felicity was crying and handing over her money and phone. Naomi stood there arms crossed. I walked up behind them "Problem boys?" I said. They all swung around and Ashton met eye to eye with me. "Jog on." I said. Ashton, Calum and Micheal started too walk off but Luke started coming closer to me. He stared right into my eyes. "What are you gonna do.." He said in his low intimidating voice. "Nothing, because unlike you I have some manners, so why don't you and your  little pathetic crew and piss off." I bit my lip. He barged passed me, So I took Felicitys phone from his back pocket and her money, But Luke grabbed my hand "Some of that money's mine!" "Well you take it off her, She can take it off you jackass." Luke looked me up and down before walking away. I handed Felicity her phone and the money. She ran and hugged me. "Your dead mate! Nobody has ever said any of that to Luke, He is gonna slaughter you." Hazel chuckled shaking her head. When school was over I started walking home when a car pulled up beside me. Luke jumped out and the car set off again. He made his way over to me but I carried on walking, I put my headphones in my ears and listend to music, He stopped me by tightly grabbing my wrist. I took off my headphones and turned to say something but he crashed his lips against mine wrapping his arms around my waist, He was so strong I couldnt push him off so I ended up kicking him in his shin. "What the hell! Luke you're such a creep." "And your so sexy." He said pulling me back into him. 

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