Don't Fall For His Tricks

Fleur Doran is moving from her life in the US to start again in Syndey, Australia. Back in US Fleur was a good girl with a sweet reputation, She had good grades and many friends but what will happen when bad boy Luke Hemmings meddles with her life, Will she have many friends or will her world crumble around her.


10. The Party


When we pulled up at the party the loud music burst my eardrums before we even got inside. We decided straight away to head to the dance floor to dance a little bit before we got drunk because drunk girls dancing can never be good so we danced together for what felt like hours we were having such a good time! This party was sick. "Wanna get some drinks?" Hazel asked me whilst pointing to the bar, I nodded and we took a seat. "What can I get for you ladies?" The bartender said whilst wiping down the bar of all the alcohol that was spilt. "We'll just take some shots please?" Hazel said. He then placed a tray down with about 10 shots on, We started doing them until a muscular arm reached over me and grabbed one, My reaction was quick as I grabbed the hand and turned around to see Luke "Are you gonna pay for that?" I smiled. He took another one but I managed to shake it out of his hands and throw it all over him "Oops, Hand slipped" I joked with Hazel laughing her head off, I then ran cold and looked down at my dress to see where ukehad thrown his drink over me. "You dick. Your gonna pay for this?" I said pulling at my dress "I will pay for it if you take it off..." He smirked. "Listen here asswipe, Can you just leave me and my friend alone whilst we enjoy the party without you losers ruining our night." I folded my arms, "Aww, I thought you were enjoying yourself." He said whilst picking up another shot. At this moment Ashton came over "Hey Fleur." He smiled "Oh so that's your name." Luke said before taking the shot "Hi Ashton, Now will you take this dick and yourself away from me and my friend." I said turning to Hazel. "Oh hey Hazel." Ashton smiled. "Hi.." She said angrily "Now piss off." She was drunk.. How many drinks had to she had? "Hazel?" "What!" She shouted, I sighed. "Fuck, She's pissed." I started picking up her bag and purse and putting everything away obviously I was gonna have to drive her home. "I could take her home." Ashton said, I chuckled "Like I trust you with her, And she would kill me if I let you take her." Ashton looked confused "Whys that?" "Maybe because you ganged up on her, And you hang around with this ass." I said slapping Luke on the cheek. "Oh come on I'm not that bad" Luke stuck his bottom lip out "Oh hemmings you really are." I then walked passed him leading Hazel to her car. 

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