Don't Fall For His Tricks

Fleur Doran is moving from her life in the US to start again in Syndey, Australia. Back in US Fleur was a good girl with a sweet reputation, She had good grades and many friends but what will happen when bad boy Luke Hemmings meddles with her life, Will she have many friends or will her world crumble around her.


1. The Move


"Fleur! Could you just help me pack this suitcase!" I removed my headphones from my ears to the sound of my mother calling. I walked out of my bedroom to bump into my older brother sitting on the stairs looking through some old photos of his football team. I swear that's the only thing he is gonna miss about this place, I tiptoed passed him and walked into the kitchen to see my mum wrapping up the 'expensive plates' in bubble wrap, I don't get her she buys all these fancy things and were not aloud to touch them never mind use them it's only for important people who visit. The only people who ever came here was my aunt and grandparents I am going to miss them so much, America was my home, My friends and family were here but I guess the only thing that matters too my mum was her job because that's why we were going, Syndey seemed like a nice place and it was warm, But I didn't want to start a new life there. "Could you carry this to the taxi please, But becareful there are a lot of expensive things in there that are worth alot." I rolled my eyes and picked up the suitcase letting it hit on the side of the table just to watch my mother scream a little. I loved her but the only things she cared about was herself, her job and money. When it was time to go we jumped into the taxi and it took us 40 minuites to get to the airport and when we got there we were rushed inside into a que and then another and another until we finally got to the plane. I was shit scared of flying. 

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