Don't Fall For His Tricks

Fleur Doran is moving from her life in the US to start again in Syndey, Australia. Back in US Fleur was a good girl with a sweet reputation, She had good grades and many friends but what will happen when bad boy Luke Hemmings meddles with her life, Will she have many friends or will her world crumble around her.


4. Hazel

The next morning I was woken up by a rock hitting my window, and then another and another. I rubbed my eyes and threw the covers off myself. I shoved my slippers on and looked at the clock it was 7, Shit! I had to be there by 8. I jumped out of bed and look over at my window to see the blonde boy throwing rocks at it. I flipped him off and and hopped into my shower, I wrapped a towel round my body and hair and did my makeup, I then shoved on a crop top saying '99 Problems But A Bitch Ain't One' and some black leggings with some denim all stars,Once my hair had dried I curled it and put a black beanie. I skipped breakfast because I didn't have time for it, I threw my bag over my shoulder and my mum drove me too school. When I got there, Everyone stared at me. Yeah yeah! I get it I'm the new girl cause everyone's interested in the new girl. I hate this so much. I found the main office and got myself a time table as I walked out of the office I bumped into a girl with long frizzy brown hair she wasvery pretty. "Oh sorry.." I said "It's fine, I'm Hazel, You must be new" she said with a bright smile on her face, "Yeah I'm Fleur." "Well it's lovely too meet you Fleur, Such a pretty name." "Thank you. Do you know where I can find room 124?" "Sure follow me." 







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