Don't Fall For His Tricks

Fleur Doran is moving from her life in the US to start again in Syndey, Australia. Back in US Fleur was a good girl with a sweet reputation, She had good grades and many friends but what will happen when bad boy Luke Hemmings meddles with her life, Will she have many friends or will her world crumble around her.


2. Australia


I took my hand luggage from the compartment above my head and flung it over my shoulder. My mum lead us off the plane and as I stepped out the warm breeze hit me, We collected our bags and head off to find a taxi. My mum was excited to show us the house for the first time but I wasnt I was so home sick my stomach was turning and I wanted to be back in America again, We pulled up at this big house with a small front garden. It was very pretty with ivy stretched up the side. My mum unlocked the door and opened it to a lovely grande entrance with a big staircase and large paintings on the wall. There was already fancy furniture dotted around the place "There is some furniture I purchased but we will need more and you get to decorate your own bedroom, Pick out the coulors and items and theme." My mother said placing her bags on the floor next to the stairs. K raced up the stairs to see my room and my brother soon followed me "Take any room you want." He said patting me on the back, I found he biggest room and put my bags down it already had a four poster bed with white laced curtains and a small fireplace and also a window that look straight over to another persons bedroom. So much for privacy. 



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