He's Perfect

I'm not very good with blurbs so I guess you'll have to read it and find out for yourselves!


2. Chapter 2

Lilly's POV:

"If mom finds out, your ass is dead!" I said to Luke.

"I know I know, that's why you're not gonna tell her!" He said

"What's in it for me?" I asked.

"You can go on a date with Ashton!" He said.

"But I wanna go on a date with Ashton!!" Michael said fake pouting.

"Nope. He gets to go with Lilly considering how he already likes her! I can see it in his eyes and the way he looks at her!!" Luke said teasingly.

"I-I uh... I'll be upstairs!" I said running upstairs to Avery's kitchen raiding her fridge. I found some ice cream in the freezer and started to eat it when Sierra and Baileigh came upstairs laughing.

"What's so funny?" I said with my mouth full of ice cream.

"Avery's swooning over your brother!" Sierra said.

"How can you be so sure?" I asked.

"Duh! He's THE famous Luke Hemmings!! And I didn't even know you didn't know he had a band!" Baileigh exclaimed.

"Well, I can be stupid sometimes!" I said chuckling.

"Yeah you can be blonde at times!" Sierra said.

"Sierra, out of the four of us, you're the blonde one!!" I said as the four boys and Avery came upstairs laughing.

"Hey guys!!" Luke said in a happy tone.

"Hey Luke! Why are you so happy?" I asked confused. Luke is never this happy.

"I've got me a girlfriend!" He said putting his arm around Avery's shoulders.

"Awwww!!" Baileigh and Sierra said in unison.

"Yeah, we're a couple now!" Avery said smiling as Luke hugged her. Calum had to go home and for some reason everybody left the room leaving me and Ashton alone. He looked at me and I looked at him. For at least five minutes,we've been making funny faces at each other.

"You're really pretty. Did you know that?" He said to me making me blush.

"Everybody says that but I don't believe them. I believe they're trying to make me feel good about myself but in reality, I don't." I said as Ashton walked up to me and looked at my bracelets which covered my scars. Yes I cut, but nobody knows about it. He started to move them around, trying to take them off but I jerked back immediately. I noticed that he's wearing bracelets too.

"Hey! It's okay, I won't tell them, just show me." He said as I started to remove my bracelets, revealing fresh scars and dried up blood. He gasped at the sight.

"You know, I used to cut, but my friends gave me a reason not to." He said taking his bracelets off revealing old cuts and scars. "I don't know why a pretty girl like you would cut!"

"Well, I get bullied a lot and my dad was never around for us." I said as tears brimmed my eyes.

"Hey hey! It's okay! I'm here for you." He said pulling me in for a hug. After a five minute long hug, we put on our bracelets and went to the basement where Avery keeps the instruments. He walked over and sat at my drumset, his long fingers grabbing my drumsticks, My initials carved in the wood.

"Wanna hear me play?" He asked and I nodded. He started randomly banging on it like a little kid and when I gave him a dirty look, he just laughed.

"I wanna see what you can do!" He said gesturing for me to sit on his lap.

"Nah! You don't wanna see me play. I suck!" I said laughing.

"You don't suck!" He says getting up to pull me towards him and sitting me down on his lap. Well this is awkward.

"Yes I do!" I said.

"C'mon, please?" He said sticking out his bottom lip.

"Fine!" I exclaimed and started to play my own beats.

"Wow! You're really good!" He said making me blush.

"Thanks!" I said turning around and he cupped my face and kissed me and I kissed him back. We were making out for what seemed a lifetime.

"Woohoo!! Get some!!!" I heard and turned around to see Michael standing in the doorway grinning.

"Well, this is awkward!" Ashton said.

"Yeah." I said getting off his lap.

"Sooo... Sierra and Baileigh went home, Calum left, and Avery and Luke are getting it on and I'm borreedd!! Wanna hang out or are you guys just gonna make out again?" He explained and asked.

"Well, I guess we can watch a movie." I said.

"Yayy!! What do you wanna watch?" Michael asked.

"Mmm.. Hold on I'm gonna go get a couple of movies. Be right back." I said darting up the stairs to the living room. I looked through the movies and picked out a couple of zombie movies, White Chicks, Mean Girls and Billy Madison. I went back downstairs with the movies and layed them out and went back upstairs. I walked up to Avery's bedroom door and hear her and Luke moaning. I swung the door open to see Luke on top of her.

"Don't forget to use protection!!" I yelled and slammed the door shut.

"SHIT!!" I heard Luke yell making me laugh really hard. I went back downstairs and Ashton and Michael were whispering.

"Whatcha guys talking about?" I asked.

"Ohh nothing... Hehe" Ashton said.

"Actually, we were talking about the movies you brought down & Avery and Luke getting it on!!" Michael chuckled.

"Oh cool." I said and put in a zombie movie. About 3 hours later it was already 12:45 and Michael was asleep leaving me and Ashton watching mean girls. I was getting sleepy so I crawled to Ashton and layed my head on his shoulder causing him to wrap his arms around me waist and cuddle me.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He whispered.

"Yes!" I whispered back and he kissed my forehead as I fall asleep on his chest.

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