I was texting YOU?

Luke's POV:
"SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR GUITAR" dad yelled. "THAT'S NOT FAIR WHY CAN'T YOU HEAR ME OUT FIRST?" I yelled back when he grabbed the guitar and crashed it on the wall breaking it to pieces.
"YOU'RE UNBELIEVABLE NOW I KNOW WHY MOM LEFT" I yelled when he looked at me with pure anger.

As you can see, Luke and his father are always fighting! Therefore Luke is a bully. London is the nerd that Luke takes out his anger on! He texts a girl called London too whom he trusts a lot. What will happen when he finds out that those two girls are the same person?


9. truth or dare

 Was he really coming? I propped myself up on my elbows and jumped out of bed. I took a quick shower, put on a dress and a leather jacket- in order to hide the fat- and let my hair fall over my shoulders. The door bell actually rang, deep down I truly hoped it was Luke. I rushed downstairs and opened to see him. Yes!

"I can't believe you came" I said. "Can I come in?" He asked when I nodded in agreement and stood sideways. We sat in the kitchen on the counter stools. "You don't seem sick to me, why didn't you come?" Luke asked. "Um I just needed some rest, don't worry about it, would you like something to drink?" I asked changing the subject. "Okay I'm gonna pretend to believe you and yeah sure, what do you got?" He said smiling. I grabbed an orange juice box from the fridge and poured him a glass. 

"Don't you want one for yourself? orange juice is healthy you know, I read that once" He said. "Uh no, I'm gonna start dieting again, wait did you just say you read that once? I'm impressed" I said giggling. "Dieting? you're perfect- I mean uhh" He giggled then cleared his throat. "I mean you have curves but they're beautiful...you're beautiful" He said when I ran my fingers through my hair and stared at the ground.

He lifted my chin up making me look at him. "You can trust me with anything you like London, let's play truth or dare, I'm sure that'll cheer you up" He said when I smiled. "Sure, truth or dare?" I asked. "Umm truth" He said. "Okay... where is your mother right now? why did she leave?" I asked when Luke looked at the ground and put his head in his hands.

"Sorry you don't have to answ--" I said when he cut me off. "Dad pushed her away, he would always shout at her and treat her like she was merely a stranger. I don't know where she is, she doesn't call, she didn't even bother to take me with her, she just left me with him... to suffer alone" He said holding his tears back. "You're not alone though" I said hesitantly rubbing his hand.

"Dare" I said smiling when he giggled. "you should know that I'm not going to be easy on you" He said. "Bring it on" I said laughing. "Kiss me" He said making me raise my eyebrows. "No" I said crossing my arms. "Yes" he said wrapping his arms around my waist. I stepped backwards. "Luke no are you crazy? change your dare" I said getting nervous.

"Fine eat all these pancakes or kiss me" He offered when I sighed. "ALRIGHT" I yelled. He put my hair behind my ear and bit his lips. We leaned closer and... kissed! I wonder if he could hear my heart beat!

I realized my hands were still wrapped around his neck so I let go and cleared my throat. "truth or dare?" I asked when he giggled. "You're so freaking cute, alright I choose dare" He said. "I dare you to um... name all the girls you've dated" I said resting my hands on my hips.

"Let's see, Aleisha and Danielle" He said making me furrow my eyebrows. "That's it?" I asked when he nodded in agreement. "just because I'm popular at school and famous on youtube, doesn't mean I'm a womanizer as well" he said. I found myself smiling irresistibly. His phone suddenly rang so he picked up.

"D- dad... But... LISTEN TO ME... FINE I'LL STAY AT CALUM'S THEN... seriously" He yelled before hanging up. "He found out that you busted out?" I asked when he nodded in agreement. "He said I'm not welcome home anymore" Luke said looking truly hurt. "I uh have to go" He then said when I felt my heart break into pieces.

"No..." I quickly protested. "S- stay with me" I said holding his hand. He smiled and hugged me surprisingly. I sighed in relief and smiled... God London you have to play the hard to get what in the world are you doing?!

"I think I remember you once told me that you never heard us play on youtube" He said when I giggled. "Bring your laptop what are you waiting fooo-hoo--rrr?" He sang making me laugh. I grabbed his hand and dragged him upstairs to my room. "here it is" I said handing him the laptop. We both jumped on my bed and waited for the page to load.

I caught Luke staring at my bare legs but said nothing. "I like this dress... you look hot" He commented making me blush. "Oh my god stop flirting with me I'm trying to play the hard to get here" I said sarcastically when he laughed. "Alright alright let's listen I will control myself I promise" He said.

We watched a few videos until we heard mom yell out my name. "LONDON ARE YOU ASLEEP HONEY? I HAD TO COME CHECK ON YOU". She was definitely heading towards my room...

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