I was texting YOU?

Luke's POV:
"SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR GUITAR" dad yelled. "THAT'S NOT FAIR WHY CAN'T YOU HEAR ME OUT FIRST?" I yelled back when he grabbed the guitar and crashed it on the wall breaking it to pieces.
"YOU'RE UNBELIEVABLE NOW I KNOW WHY MOM LEFT" I yelled when he looked at me with pure anger.

As you can see, Luke and his father are always fighting! Therefore Luke is a bully. London is the nerd that Luke takes out his anger on! He texts a girl called London too whom he trusts a lot. What will happen when he finds out that those two girls are the same person?


11. to school

The next day:

I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door. Just when I paced on the street, Luke showed up in his car and beeped. "Morning beautiful" He said opening the door for me from the inside. He was wearing sun glasses and a black and white striped jumper sweater. "you're going to drive me to school? aren't you afraid all the students will see you with me?" I asked when he furrowed his eyebrows. "Don't ever say that again, you're my girl and I don't have anything to hide" he said making me smile. I jumped in when he kissed me on the cheek then drove.

"So uh, you stayed at Calum's yesterday?" I asked. "Yeah dad doesn't really care anymore... neither do I" Luke said acting nonchalantly. He pulled over therefore we jumped out. He walked towards me and held my hand in front of everyone. "Everybody is looking at us" I whispered turning around to face Luke's chest. He lifted my chin up and kissed me!

"You're perfect, I don't care about other people's opinions" He said smiling at me. As we walked inside, I could hear people muttering and whispering getting my insecurity level to get higher and higher with each step.

There, beside my locker stood Cassidy and her click. "I'll stay with you until you get to class" Luke said when I nodded in agreement. We walked towards them. I opened my locker and got my books feeling Cassidy and her friends ogling me. Luke pulled me closer to him by my waist then whispered in my ear. "Can you wait for me beside my locker with the boys please?" 

"Luke no don't tell her anything" I whispered eye contacting him. He shifted his eyes from mine to Cassidy's. "You do not speak to her or tell her anything that could hurt her, I'm not kidding Cassidy you do not want to mess with me. Stay. Away. from London" Luke threatened when Cassidy simply giggled and walked away along with her girls.

I walked in class to see Hannah sitting in my desk. I sat next to her and smiled. "Today you and me shopping" She said. "Okay sure" I replied just when I received a message from Luke. I read the message carefully not to get caught by the teacher.


Btw, did you have breakfast?


I typed back:


-Uh I drank tea if that counts haha


-I'm taking you out for dinner tonight then, I'll take care of you if you're not planning to take care of yourself


-I am eating enough, I promiseee


-No you're not London and we're going to talk about it! Pay attention I love youuuu


-I love you too <3


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