I was texting YOU?

Luke's POV:
"SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR GUITAR" dad yelled. "THAT'S NOT FAIR WHY CAN'T YOU HEAR ME OUT FIRST?" I yelled back when he grabbed the guitar and crashed it on the wall breaking it to pieces.
"YOU'RE UNBELIEVABLE NOW I KNOW WHY MOM LEFT" I yelled when he looked at me with pure anger.

As you can see, Luke and his father are always fighting! Therefore Luke is a bully. London is the nerd that Luke takes out his anger on! He texts a girl called London too whom he trusts a lot. What will happen when he finds out that those two girls are the same person?


5. let's run away

Luke's POV:

"Let's go" dad said as he pulled over in front of the school playground. We all jumped out and headed inside. Dad walked ahead of us while London and I were mumbling behind. "I'm dead" She said. "We'll get detention so what" I said when we entered the principal's office.

"Oh mister Hemmings I was expecting you" he said shaking my dad's hand. "I apologize for my son's behavior, do whatever you wish to him" dad said when I rolled my eyes. "And you miss Olsen, your dad is on his way. You should've known better than to break the rules with this guy do you understand?" The principal asked pointing at me. "NO SHE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND REPEAT PLEASE" I yelled. "LUKE APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW" Dad yelled when London held my hand making me look at her.

"Don't do something you'll regret please" She whispered to me. The touch of her hand was so sweet, even her eyes that were close to tears shone bright. "I'm sorry- that you don't know how to communicate with teenagers so you always say that we're wrong" I snapped when the principal stood up.

"London what have you done?" Just then a guy joined us. "D- dad I..." London said when he slapped her in front of everyone making her cry. "hey leave her alone" I said pulling her closer to me by her waist. "And who might you be?" Her dad asked. "LUKE YOU CROSSED YOUR LIMITS" my father yelled. "Alright enough, go home! All of you! settle things down with your kids then we'll figure out what to do" The principal said when I grabbed London's hand and got out.

"We just need a minute" I said before taking her to the end of the hallway. "does it hurt?" I asked turning her chin to see her red cheek. "It's fine let's just go" She said. "Wait... I'm escaping tonight with Michael and his girlfriend Hannah, for like two days. We all have family problems let's get away. I'll come pick you up at eight, what do you say?" I asked.

"B- but Michael won't like my presence for sure, and I can't just run away for two days" She said. "I'll text you" I said when we headed back outside where my dad and mister Olsen were waiting.

As we got home, I pulled my phone out in order to text London. I was going to use a different number since she already has my number saved as teenageboy90. Dad instantly grabbed my phone and tucked it in his pocket.

"Go to your room right now, I'm very disappointed in you" He said. "hey dad, umm I just wanna say sorry for what I said about mom. We fight all the time nonetheless I shouldn't mention mom, but... I still don't know why she left us" I said. "I don't like talking about it Luke, but just know that raising you wasn't easy so for god's sake, don't make it harder" He said.

How was I going to talk to London now?

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