I was texting YOU?

Luke's POV:
"SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR GUITAR" dad yelled. "THAT'S NOT FAIR WHY CAN'T YOU HEAR ME OUT FIRST?" I yelled back when he grabbed the guitar and crashed it on the wall breaking it to pieces.
"YOU'RE UNBELIEVABLE NOW I KNOW WHY MOM LEFT" I yelled when he looked at me with pure anger.

As you can see, Luke and his father are always fighting! Therefore Luke is a bully. London is the nerd that Luke takes out his anger on! He texts a girl called London too whom he trusts a lot. What will happen when he finds out that those two girls are the same person?


12. don't touch her

The afternoon came quickly which made me quite happy. Hannah and I launched our shopping tour right after the last bell rang. She threw a pile of dresses at me and asked me to try them on. "Luke is counting on me when it comes to the perfect dress for tonight alright? let's go" She said clapping her hands. I laughed and changed! (Don't be silly guys I won't tell you about the dress I chose... until Luke sees me first).

I was about to pay when Hannah interrupted me. "Don't be silly London, Luke gave me his card" She said. "What no I'm not taking his money" I protested furrowing my eyebrows. "Do you want him to kill me or what? He wants to pay for everything, I'm only his tool here" she said when I sighed. 

We got out of the store when dad called me.  "Hey dad" I said. "LONDON WHERE ARE YOU?" He yelled. "I'm shopping with m- my friend what's wrong?" I asked. "did you forget that you're sick or should I remind you? huh? If I find out that you're with those boys from that night than I'm seriously going to be furious" He warned. "dad no okay? I'm shopping with my friend calm down for God's sake, I'm on my way home" I snapped and hung up on him.

I took a cab since I was already far from home while Hannah continued walking. A few minutes later, the chauffeur and I heard continuous and several beeps. I turned my head around to see Calum driving with Luke beside him. "can you please pull over?" I asked.

I then jumped out and ran to Luke. He wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up a little. I noticed that Calum gave the taxi driver his fare then came near me and rubbed my back as a hello.

"Why did you follow me?" I asked. "Hannah told me that your dad is mad at you, I wanted you to tell me though" he said. "Oh... I'm sorry I wasn't thinking I just need to get home fast before it gets worse" I explained. "Alright let's go" Calum said when we all jumped in and headed to my house.

About ten minutes later, Calum pulled over."Well I'll see if I can go out tonight, I can't promise you okay?" I said to Luke before jumping out. He hastily followed me and intertwined his fingers with mine. "i'm coming with you silly, I'm not a coward remember?" he said smirking. "Y- you're joking right?" I asked giggling. "Nope" Luke smiled.

We entered the house while Calum decided to wait outside. "YOU'RE LUKE HEMMINGS FROM YOUTUBE" Tyler yelled hugging Luke's leg making us laugh. "Hey you, how are you?" Luke asked picking him up on in his arms. "My sister cries a lot, do you know why? I hear her every night" Tyler asked when I opened my eyes widely. "TYLER" I yelled. "Um yeah I think I know why but don't worry she won't do that again alright?" Luke said putting Tyler back on the floor.

"He's a kid, don't believe him" I said. "Yeah right, you're going to tell me everything London" Luke whispered when my parents showed up. "What is going on in here?" dad asked crossing his arms. "Hello mister Bob, hi miss Mira" Luke said shaking their hands. "I'm actually here to take your permission to take London out tonight" He said.

"Absolutely not, she's still sick and to be completely honest, I don't admire her hanging out with boys like you. You're a bad influence, I've seen you before when we all went to the principal's office. I'm trying not to be rude son but I need you to stay away from my daughter as much as possible" dad said grabbing my forearm making me stand next to him.

I looked at Luke with tears almost forming in my eyes. He was speechless with nothing left to say. This is what popularity does, it gives you a bad reputation or some kind of stereotypes; therefore it's hard to convince people that you're a good person.

"London go to your room right now" Dad said. "No I won't... I love Luke okay? he's a good person please give us a chance to prove to you that we're serious. He's not a bad influence, if anything he makes me happy. Do whatever you wish to me!" I spoke when dad raised his hand in order to slap me.

I shut my eyes hard then opened them slowly since nothing happened. Luke was holding dad's hand which kept him from hitting me. "Don't touch her, she did nothing wrong" he said staring into dad's furious eyes.  

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