I was texting YOU?

Luke's POV:
"SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR GUITAR" dad yelled. "THAT'S NOT FAIR WHY CAN'T YOU HEAR ME OUT FIRST?" I yelled back when he grabbed the guitar and crashed it on the wall breaking it to pieces.
"YOU'RE UNBELIEVABLE NOW I KNOW WHY MOM LEFT" I yelled when he looked at me with pure anger.

As you can see, Luke and his father are always fighting! Therefore Luke is a bully. London is the nerd that Luke takes out his anger on! He texts a girl called London too whom he trusts a lot. What will happen when he finds out that those two girls are the same person?


6. camping

I waited until it was quarter to eight and walked to London's house. I threw some pebbles on her window pane (I already know her room since Calum and I came here last year to steal her homework- I know I know we were monsters but not anymore- it's a promise). Soon, London opened the window and smiled excitedly. "I'm ready" She whispered and threw a small backpack on the street. She was wearing leggings and a denim blue shirt that reflected her beautiful eyes.

She jumped therefore I opened my arms and caught her by her waist. "AND SHE LANDS SAFELY WOOHOO" I yelled when she clamped her hand over my mouth. "Shhhhh" She said when I giggled. Just then, Michael showed up in his car along with his girlfriend Hannah! "Shall we miss Olsen?" I asked opening the door of the car for her when she jumped in.

Fifteen minutes later:

We decided to camp in the forest therefore Michael and I began to set up the tents.

London's POV:

"So you're Cassidy's friend?" I asked Hannah. "puh-lease of course not, she shows off a lot and I know she bullies you so don't worry, I'm nothing like her" She said making me smile. "HEY GIRLS COME SIT BY THE FIRE" Michael yelled so we walked towards the bonfire. Michael grabbed Hannah by her waist and kissed her- God how much I want to know how that feels!

Just then, Luke held my hand and led me to the tent. We sat inside and wrapped a blanket around us but I pulled away from him. "It's fine, I- I'm not that cold" I said when he wrapped the blanket only around me. "You are cold, you just don't want to get near me" He said giggling. "So uh... has that guy texted you again?" He asked.

"Nope... you see we were going to meet but uh... while I was on my way to see him, I ran into Cassidy; She uh said that I looked Hideous and I just didn't want to appear that way to him" I explained. "I'm going to kill her" Luke said under his breath.

"Never mind! He always fights with his dad just like you, and his name is actually Luke as well. I'd say you were him but I mean obviously you're not since you saw the messages and said nothing" I said giggling. "Yeah... right. Do you like him?" Luke asked. "A little, he made me feel beautiful unlike all of you" I said boldly. "You really are beautiful, I'm truly deeply sorry for everything London" He said making a tear run down my cheek.

"I'm nowhere near beautiful, I mean I'm eighteen years old and I still haven't been kissed, I'm the only one to blame for being such a geek" I said when Michael yelled at us. "GUYS COME ON WE WANNA SING" .

We headed towards him and Hannah to see that Calum, Cassidy and Ashton were there as well. "Oh look who decided to join our group; Luke where is your head? why would you bring her?" Cassidy asked. "None of your business ,from now on London is my best friend" I said shocking everyone- Including London!

London's POV:

The boys began to sing together

I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted...

I remembered how Luke (teenageboy13) once told me about a tattoo he got on his forearm. It was the shape of a small guitar that represents his true love. I couldn't see Luke hemmings arm though since it was dark.

"Alright let's play truth or dare then get to sleep" Ashton said. "I'll start! Hey London have you ever had a boyfriend?" Cassidy asked teasing London. "CASSIDY" Calum yelled when I stood up in anger. I was about to yell when London rushed to the tent so I followed her glaring at Cassidy.

"No Luke go back outside I'm tired and I want to sleep" She said. I rubbed her shoulder when she stared at me with wide eyes. "What?" I asked. "Y- your tattoo" She said confusing me. "Yeah so?" I asked. "LUKE Y-YOU'RE LUKE OH MY GOD WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU" she yelled rushing outside and running away.

"LUKE WE HAVE TO FOLLOW HER OR ELSE SHE'D GET LOST" Michael yelled when we all ran behind her!




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