The Question

☆*:.。. Based On A True Story .。.:*☆


12. Zombies And Skateboards

The sleepover was awesome. The only bad thing about it was that it ended too soon. Alice arrived at school early. She was walking through the music department when she saw four familiar hairstyles up ahead. One a very light blonde, one orange and two a dark blonde. Ken, Nathan, Rich and Lucas. Nathan was sliding down a rail at the side of a staircase. He was doing it really slowly it was hard to tell if he was moving at all. Alice slowed her pace, hoping that she would be able to stay out of range. But when she got to the stairs, Nathan and his friends where still sliding down. "Hey, Alice!" Nathan said when he saw her.

"Hi." She smiled.

"Umm." Ken said randomly.

"What is it?" Nathan said, turning to him.

Ken leant forwards, put his hands on the rail and lifted himself up so he could whisper something in Nathan's ear. Nathan looked angry. "Why'd you say that!? Dude. I wouldn't say that about Amy!"

"Wait do you think Amy-?!"

"No! But even if I did I wouldn't say anything. Dude!"

"Whatever." Ken said, before leaving. His disgustingly long light blonde hair blowing in the wind as he went.

Alice saw Nathan and Rich exchange a strange look before Rich ran after Ken.

"Sorry about that." Nathan said, "Anyway... So..."

"So..." Alice shuffled her feet.

Then there was an awkward silence.

"That's the cue for the tumble weeds." Lucas laughed. "You're friends with Carolyn, right?"

Alice nodded, "Yep... Why?"

"Just wondering." Lucas shrugged. "Anyways... I'm gonna go my s+e class..." He ran off and Nathan and Alice were left alone. Nathan patted the spot next to him on the rail and Alice jumped up. They started to slide very slowly. "How's your shoulder?" Nathan asked.

Alice had almost forgotten about it, "Its okay... Doesn't hurt anymore."

"That's good."


"Hi Alice!" Alice heard Bella's voice and looked around to see her and Timothy coming over to them.

"Hi." Alice said.

"Gotta go." Nathan said before sliding down the rail, getting flung off at the end and running around the corner.

"Hello." Timothy said with a smile.

"How are you guys doing?" Alice asked.

Bella and Timothy looked into each other's eyes for a second, "We're good." Bella laughed.

"We're great." Timothy beamed,

The bell rang so they had to go off to their classes. School was average. Alice had had a music lesson during s+e so she had missed it. When she walked out of her last class, she saw Ken talking to the random girl who he had been with at the River Cruise. Someone called out "Amy!" And the random girl turned around.

'I wonder what that thing between Ken and Nathan earlier today was...' Alice was so deep in though on her way to the bus that she bumped into someone. It was Doug. "I'm sorry!" She said.

"I almost dropped by constragationmeter." Doug sighed, but he didn't seem to be angry.

"Your what now?"

"This." Doug held out a very complicated looking electronic device that had loads of wires coming out of every which way. "It measures the constragation in the atmosphere."

"Woah." Alice was confused but in awe at the same time.

"Thanks, I made it myself." Doug said smugly. "Anyways, bye!" He ran off and Alice could have sworn she heard him chuckling.

Alice continued to her bus and sat in the spot Suzan and Carolyn had saved for her. It was in-between them. She turned to Suzan, "Do you know what constragation is?"

Suzan shook her head, "No... What is it?"

Alice shrugged.

"Omg. Did you say something about constragation?" Carolyn had overheard what they were saying.

Alice turned to Carolyn, "...yeah."

"Lol, scary." Carolyn laughed.

"You know what it is, right?" Alice asked.

Carolyn raised an eyebrow, "Of course I do."

"What is it then?" Alice folded her arms.

"Don't act like you know!" Carolyn laughed, "I'm not deaf.. I heard what you asked Suzan."

Alice laughed, "Fine. Just tell meh pls!"

"It's like in this random zombie story they say that when the constragation levels are high, people turn... Constragation is how saturated the air particles are after... something happens but I forgot what that something is. It's a fake thing... I think."

"Oh... Lol that is scary."

"I know right..."

"I was talking to Doug and he said he made something that records the levels..." Alice's had collided with her forehead, "He was just messing with me. I probs looked so dumb but how was I suppose to know about some weirdo zombie fact."

"Bum. We'll just have to get him back for that then."

"Yus." Alice nodded.

When they got to the station Carolyn and Alice said goodbye to Suzan. Alice was about to say goodbye to Carolyn when she jumped onto a different train and beckoned Alice to follow. "Lol what???? Where are we going?"

"Somewhere fun!" Carolyn grinned.

"But I have to... Urmm... Do chores and stuff!"

"Do you really?"

"" Alice did want to go with Carolyn but she was still searching her mind for excuses, "My mum will be worried!"

Carolyn took out her phone and showed Alice. Alice looked at the screen, it was a message to Carolyn from her mother:

Alice's mum- Of course you and Alice can go there! Have fun! Remeber, only for an two hours. Any longer and I'll have to come pick you up. :)

"Go where?"

"It's a surprise!" Carolyn said with a cheeky grin.

They got off at a stop that Alice was unfamiliar with. She followed Carolyn towards a fenced area with a fancy entrance gate. She read aloud the sign above it, "'Northyarch Skatepark' ...Wait what?"

Carolyn laughed, "C'mon! Remember I wanted you to come with me to the 'Darin Skatepark' but you wouldn't go cause Carrot goes there?"

"Oh yeah... Cool. But I don't know how to skateboard... I didn't even know you could skateboard...?"

"Who said anything about skateboarding?" Carolyn grinned.

They walked inside and sat on one of the benches. Carolyn pulled one pair of roller skates and a pair of roller blades out of her bag. She held out the roller skates for Alice. "Here."

"How did you even fit those in there?" Alice asked, impressed that she manages to fit them in such a small backpack.

Carolyn looked her in the eye and whispered, "I'm secretly related to Mary Poppins."

Alice laughed and took the roller skates from Carolyn. She put them on and stood up. Alice had been roller skating before so it was ok... ish.

"I'm a little out of practise..." Carolyn laughed. "I haven't worn roller blades since I was like... Thirteen."

Carolyn rolled down a ramp and made it back around to Alice successfully but fell on her butt on the second try. Alice shuffled over to her.

"You oka- woah!" Alice fell over right next to Carolyn.

"Are you okay??" Carolyn asked.

Alice started to laugh and Carolyn joined in. They skated together for about 40mins and slowly got better as they went. Alice looked around and almost fell over again because of what she saw. She saw Carrot on his skateboard. He was with Ken. Alice and Carolyn had been on the ramp by the entrance and had seen no one come in which meant that he had been there the whole time.

"Carrot is here." Alice whispered to Carolyn.

Carolyn peered over in Carrot's direction, "What the? Why is he everywhere we go? Even when we are trying to avoid him...? It's kinda spooky."

"Let's get out of here..." Alice said, quickly taking off her skates and putting her shoes back on.

"Yeah." Carolyn did the same.

They managed to sneak out without being seen.

They still had time before Alice had to be home so they went to the ice cream shop nearby. Alice got a flavour called 'Triple Choc Delux' and Carolyn got 'Mango Tango'. They sat at one of the tables in the store.

"So I was thinking," Carolyn said between licks, "What do you think we should do to get Doug back for that zombie thing?"

"I think we should trick him into believing something. He really smart though, so it'll be difficult..."

Carolyn nodded, "We just need to think of the right thing to make him believe."

"It has to be something that can actually happen like- Urgh." Alice rubbed her head, "Brain freeze."

"Ouch... Like someone being expelled or something?"


Alice said goodbye to Carolyn at the station and rode back home safely. The next day, Alice met Carolyn before school. They were walking to Carolyn's locked when they bumped into Rich and Ken. "Hi." Alice smiled.

"Oh, 'ello." Rich said, cheerfully.

Ken just looked kind of annoyed. He just walked away without said 'hi' or 'bye'.

"What the?" Carolyn asked.

Rich just shrugged, "He's been saying pretty strange stuff lately. I dunno what's up with him."

"I hope he's okay..." Alice said.

They continued to Carolyn's locker and Rich tagged along. When they got there, Lucas was at his own locker. He jumped when Rich said his name.

"Woah." He put his hand to his chest, "You gave me a heart attack."

"Why're you so jumpy?"

"I dunno." Lucas noticed Alice and Carolyn. "Hi."

"Hi." Alice smiled.

Carolyn was too busy with her locker. She heaved her file out. Suddenly, it opened up and her papers went flying everywhere. "Damn it." Carolyn sighed and she tried to pick them up.

"I'll help." Lucas and Rich said at the same time. They looked at each other for a second.

"Heh." Lucas laughed a little before bending down to help. Rich and Alice joined in and all the papers where put back into Carolyn's file in no time.

At lunch time Alice went to her locker before going to sit with her friends. As she walked towards the room her locker was in, she noticed Ken at his own locker. His was right next to hers. "Hi." Alice said friendlily, she didn't want to be rude and say nothing.

"Hm." Ken grunted before he shut his locker and started to walk off.

Alice decided it was time to see what was up. "Have I done something wrong?" Alice called after him.

Ken stopped it his tracks. He peered back over his shoulder, half his face covered by his long sandy-blonde hair. "I don't know what he sees in you."

Rich suddenly walked in the room carrying a pile of books. And there was a silence for a couple of seconds. "Excuse us for a moment." Rich sighed.

Alice nodded and continued putting things into her locker. Secretly, she listened in on the boys' conversation.

"Ken. You do know. He talks about her everyday." Rich said.

Ken took an angry breath, "I know. I just wish he'd stop. It's just so annoying."

"Going around saying things like that isn't going to help, you know."

"They are pretty good together I guess... But the fact that he talks about the same thing everyday is just getting to me. And now you're starting to talk about Carrot a lot too."

Alice's heart began beating fast, 'Did he just say Carrot? What the?' She thought. She continued to listen.

"You talk a lot about Amy, you know." Rich said, opening his locker and putting the pile of books inside.

"Whatever. We're even then... Anyway, I gotta go, bye." Ken ran out of the room.

"Hi." Rich said, turning to Alice.

"Uh, hi." Alice replied.

Rich laughed, "Sorry, you didn't hear any of that, did you?"

"Nope." Alice lied.

"Good." Rich wiped the pretend sweat off his forehead.

Alice laughed then headed for the door, "Bye." She said.


Alice sat on the bench next to Carolyn and took out her lunch box.

"Hai. You took a while. What happened?" Carolyn asked her.

"I bumped into Ken and Rich at my locker."

"Oh, lol, k." Carolyn nodded slowly.

"They were talking and I swear Ken mentioned the word carrot ...and not as in the vegetable, it was referred to as though it was a name of a person."

"Woah. You sure that's what you heard?" Carolyn asked.

Alice nodded, "I'm pretty sure... Maybe there is a chance I heard wrong."

"That's a creepy coincidence. Like us seeing Carrot everywhere we go."

"I know right."

After school, Alice and Carolyn where walking to the bus together. Alice spotted Doug walking in front of them. He was carrying another complicated looking electronic device with him.

Carolyn whispered, "Omg I know the perfect way to get him back. Just follow my lead."

Alice nodded. Carolyn picked up the pace and they sped up so that they were walking behind Doug. "Did you hear about the person who got expelled?" Carolyn said loudly.

"No, what happened?"

"They smashed all the electronic hard-drives and stole all the 3D printers from the supply cupboard."

Carolyn had done electronics as a subject in year nine so she knew what was in the special supply cupboard in the technology department.

Doug turn around as fast as lightening, "Wait what did you say?"

"Me?" Carolyn asked, pointing her thumb to her chest.

"Yeah. Did someone really smash the hard-drives and steal the 3D printers?"

"They did. They were even expelled for it." Carolyn nodded.

"Damn it! I'm supposed to print my 3D truck for my project tomorrow. I wonder when they'll be able to get new printers or get the old ones back...?"

"They said not for three weeks."

"Noooooooooooo!" Doug looked as though he was about to cry, "Now what am I going to submit for my project?"

Alice folded her arms, "How about your Constragation meter?"

Dough rubbed his forehead, "Wait... Is this a joke?"

Alice and Carolyn nodded. Doug sighed, "I have to say that is not the best joke but you did have me for a second there."

They said goodbye to Doug and continued to their bus. When they got there they sat in the seat that Suzan had saved for them. Alice told Suzan about how they had gotten Doug back for the zombie thing as they drove to the station. When they arrived, Alice said goodbye and rode the train home safely.

That night, Alice got another notification while she and her sister were washing the dishes. She unlocked her phone and 'Nathan Valenziano sent you a message on Facebook' came up. She opened it, it looked super long. She read it slowly, it said:

Nathan- Hey, Alice. I was wondering if u would like to catch up on the weekend. Maybe on Sat? My friends will be there. U know... Rich, Ken, Lucas, Larry, Doug and Bill... We were thinking of goin' to the Darin Skatepark. That one where you pushed my skate board back at me... You can bring some of your friends along too if u want :) So, yeah. Let me know if u wanna come.

She sat on her bed for a moment. She had been trying to sort of avoids Nathan for the last few weeks but that hadn't been working. She decided to go. Before she replied, she went to go ask her mother.

"How many boy are going again??" Her mother asked.

Alice regretted saying who she was going with but she would never lie to her mother, "Seven."

"Mm. How many girls?"

Alice bit her lip, she wasn't sure if Carolyn would come but she decided to count her anyway. "...Two."

"Ooh kay. Who is this other girl?"

"Carolyn." Alice said.

He mother nodded slowly. "Okay. I trust her to stop you from doing anything too wild."

"What the? Wild??" Alice tilted her head.

"You know, with all those boys being there and-"

"Woah! Mum! Stop!"

"Oh alright. You can go." Alice's mother gave in.

"Thanks mum."

"You know when I was you're age I always went out-"

Alice slipped out the door and ran to her room. She picked up her phone and typed a message back to Nathan:

Alice- Yeah I can totally come. What time? :)

Cathy's voice filled Alice's ear and made her jump, "Whatcha doing?"

"Nothing." Alice said, quickly changing the screen to a game.

Cathy grabbed Alice's phone out of her hand and looked at the screen, "Oh just playing a game... For a second there I thought you were talking to Colin.


"Alice and Colin sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G."

"Ewwww stop!" Alice put her hands over her ears.

"First comes love, second comes marriage, third comes the baby and the golden carria-" Alice put her hand over Cathy's mouth but Cathy escaped and ran out of the room. She continued to sing the song at the top of her lungs as she ran down the hall.

Soon it was Saturday. Nathan had said to meet him and his friends at the skatepark at 10:00am. Carolyn had agreed to come and was going to meet Alice at the station. Alice got off the train and saw Carolyn sitting on a bench nearby. She walked over to her, "Hello."

"Hai." Carolyn smiled.

"This is gonna be interesting..."

"Yup." Carolyn stood up and they started walking to 'Darin Skatepark'.

"I'm kinda excited though... At the same time as being nervous." Alice said as they walked, "I'm glad you came."

Carolyn laughed, "After you asking me five times, how could I say no?"

Alice laughed too, "I told you that was an accident. My phone has these spas moments where it sends the same message loads of times."

A voice from behind made them jump, "Who has spas moments?"

Alice turned around to see Ken. He was with Doug and Bill, "Hi."

"Hello." They replied.

They walked into the skatepark and Alice saw Nathan, Rich, Larry and Lucas sitting on one of the benches.

Nathan stood up when he saw them approaching, "Hey."

Alice smiled, "Hey." She saw Rich and Carolyn's eyes meet for a second and them both raise an eyebrow before looking back at Nathan and herself.

"Okay." Lucas stood up, "I've never skateboarded before..."

"Me either.." Alice said.

"Same." Carolyn laughed.

Rich stood up, took a step forwards, put his hands on his hips and puffed out his chest, "That's where I come in. I will be your teacher."

"Okay, Rich. As long as--" Lucas was in mid sentance when he was cut off.

"That's Mr Anderson to you sonny jim." Rich said.

Alice laughed. Nathan walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder, "Dont worry, I'll teach you."

Nathan led Alice over to his skateboard. "Try and get on it."

Alice nodded, put one foot on and tried to put her other foot on too. It wobbled a bit and she put her foot back on the ground.

"It's okay, I got you." Nathan said, holing onto Alice to keep her steady.

Alice stood on the skateboard. It was kind of shaky but she managed to stay on. Alice looked around and saw Carolyn and Lucas taking skateboarding lessons from Rich and she also saw Ken skating alone and Doug, Larry and Bill sitting on a bench chatting. Alice skated around for a little while longer. She was sort of getting the hang of it. She got off to let Nathan have a go before she walked over, sat on the bench and began to watch. He was doing a lot of tricks every time he got to the edge of the bowl shaped ramp. She saw Ken skate over to Nathan and they started to skate together. Alice was distracted by Doug, Larry and Bill. She couldn't help but overhear their loud conversation.

"Nathan says that he wants Ken to be nicer to her." She heard Doug say.

"Well I want to dance the hula but we don't always get what we want, do we?" Bill said.

Larry laughed, "He hasn't said anything lately. Maybe he's finally realised."

"Or someone made him realise." Doug nodded thoughtfully.

There was an awkward pause before Larry broke it, "So did you guys see last Saturday's game?"

Alice stopped listening and you focused on Nathan again. He was still just skating around the bowl. She looked over to where Carolyn was. Rich was just skating around Lucas and Carolyn while they just stood there with annoyed looks on their faces. There were standing in the middle of a circle that was painted on the ground.

Alice got up and walked over to them.

"Hi." Carolyn smiled when she saw her.

"What going on here?" Alice giggled.

Rich stopped skating for a moment, "I give up. They're too hard to teach. They kept talking to each other. Now they're in detention."

"Rich, c'mon I-" Lucas end to take a step but Rich put his arm out to stop him.

"Uh uh uh." Rich shook his head, "No leaving the detention circle."

"Fine." Lucas laughed and crossed his arms again.

Carolyn suddenly gasped, "Look! Who's that?" She pointed into the distance. Rich turned around and Lucas and Carolyn ran out of the circle.

Rich didn't turn back around. "Oh my goodness... Is that...?"

Alice turned to where Carolyn had pointed and where Rich was looking. She saw Mr Trebbs. He was wearing beige skinny jeans, a faded red shirt and a dark leather jacket. He had a skateboard, with an awesome black and white pattern on its underside, under his arm.

"I didn't even know he was there." Carolyn said.

"Let's go get the others." Rich whispered.

They walked over and showed Nathan, Ken, Larry, Doug and Bill where Mr Trebbs was.

"It's awkward when you see a teacher outside of school." Ken stated.

"I'm gonna go say hi." Larry said.

Doug held onto his shoulder, "Isn't there a law that says a teacher can't have a relationship with a student outside of class?"

"Relationship? I'm not gonna date him. That was a joke. Besides, he's not a teacher anymore." Larry continued to walk and the others followed.

When they were a bit closer, Larry called out to him, "Hi, Mr Trebbs!"

Mr Trebbs jumped and fell off his skateboard, "Ugh."

"Are you okay?" Nathan ran over to him and helped him up.

"Oh hi, kids." He said.

"Hi Mr Trebbs." They said.

"Na, call me Clint. I'm not your teacher anymore."

There was an awkward silence for a second. "Well. I gotta go. Unlike some, I've got places to be." Bill said, breaking the silence.

"Me too." Doug sighed.

"Me three." Ken and Larry said at the same time.

"We all have to got to soccer training." Doug explained.

"Bye Mr Tre- I mean... Clint." Larry waved.

The boys left leaving Lucas, Rich, Nathan, Carolyn and Alice with Mr Trebbs who was still sitting where he had lander when he fell off his board.

He stood up and dusted off his hands.

"Would you be any good and teaching people how to skateboard Mr- err Clint?" Rich asked.

"Whys that?"

"They need help." He pointed to Alice, Lucas and Carolyn and smiled cheekily.

"Sure." Clint nodded.

Rich handed Carolyn his skateboard, Nathan have Alice his and Lucas got to borrow Clint's.

Alice was getting the hang of it and soon it was time for her to go to the next level. The bowl. She prepared herself at the edge. Nathan was standing on the opposite side to her, "Just ease into it and roll off the edge. Don't go too fast."

Alice looked to her left at Carolyn and then to her right at Lucas. They were both focused on easing their skateboards over the edge. Alice lent forwards but she went too fast and dipped down into the bowl and back up the other side at the speed of light. Then -BAM- she bumped into Nathan at the other end, they both fell over and their lips touched.

Alice got off Nathan and he stood up, "Woah." He said, smiling.

"Yeah." Alice breathed.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Carolyn and Rich fangirling whilst Lucas just stood there awkwardly.

"Hey, let's go try that ramp over there..." Clint herded Carolyn, Lucas and Rich away before looking back with a knowing smile on his face.

Nathan took a step closer to Alice; she could feel her own heart pounding in her chest. He put his arms around her and hesitantly kissed her on the lips. One thousand thoughts flew through Alice's head in the second before she began to kiss back.

They broke away from each other and looked into one another's eyes. Alice felt happy, she couldn't stop smiling. And by looks of it, neither could Nathan. Nathan took Alice by the hand and led her over to a nearby bench. They sat next to each other for a while.

"I really like you, Alice." Nathan said.

"I really like you too." She smiled.

Nathan smiled back, "Will you be my girlfriend?"


Nathan grinned at Alice. They stood up and walked over to the others, hand in hand. Clint was doing some tricks on a rail while Carolyn and Lucas watched in awe. Rich was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Rich?" Nathan asked.

Lucas shrugged, "He just skated off."


Alice saw Carolyn notice her and Nathan's interlocked fingers before giving her a cheeky grin. Clint jumped off his skate board and raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Lucas stared at their hands. Alice looked at his face. It's was emotionless but you could tell he was really thinking about something.

"So, Alice and I are now a couple." A smile spread across Nathan's face as he said this.

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