The Question

☆*:.。. Based On A True Story .。.:*☆


11. Weirdo Shop

The next day was Friday. Alice was super excited for the weekend because she was going over to Carolyn's for a sleepover. At recess Alice met Carolyn and Susan where they usually sat. Bella wasn't there because she was too busy with her new boyfriend; Timothy.

"You've got music next?" Carolyn asked Alice.

"Yep... I think so."

"Let's go there early." Carolyn said with a smile, "Carrot and his friends sit by the music department so we can spy on them."

"Okay!" Alice laughed, "Susan? Do you wanna come?"

Susan shook her head, "I've got to go to my locker. Seeya later."

Alice and Carolyn got up and walked quickly to the music department. When they got there, they slowed their pace a little. They found a nice place to sit in a corner; it was opposite the corner where Nathan, Ken, Rich, Lucas, Doug and two others were sitting. "This is the best place to sit." Carolyn laughed, "we should sit here all the time."

"Yeah, we should." Alice laughed too. In her peripheral vision she saw Nathan's group finally notice them. They all looked over at her for a second before continuing to do their thing. "They know we're here."

Carolyn giggled, "Oh noes our cover is blown."

Alice looked over at the boys again and noticed that some of them were coming over. Her heart started to beat faster and faster as they drew nearer and nearer. "Thank goodness Lucas isn't coming." Carolyn whispered.

Nathan, Rich and some other dude reached them before Alice had a chance to reply.

"Hey." Nathan said, "How's your shoulder?"

"It's fine now, thanks." Alice smiled. Out of the corner of her eye, Alice saw Carolyn and Rich exchange a cheeky grin.

"I now pronounce you..." She heard Carolyn whisper.

" and wife." Rich finished.

Nathan and the other dude didn't hear them.

"That's good." Nathan smiled.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Mr Trebbs' voice filled their ears. "What are you kids up to?"

The random dude jumped, "Woah, Sir, you scared me!"

"Means you're up to no good, Larry." Mr Trebbs laughed.

"Never." Larry said, shaking his head.

"It's my last day here today, you know." Mr Trebbs said.

"Aww Sir, why?" Nathan asked.

"Teaching isn't my thing. I think I'm going to study computing instead."

"Good that you realised now rather than later." Carolyn piped up.

"Very true." He nodded, "Whelp. I've gotta go check on the other naughty children... Aka those year eights over there. Bye."

"Bye Sir." They said all together. Alice didn't really know Mr Trebbs and it was kinda awkward so she was glad he was going.

"Who dafuq was that?" Rich said, once Mr Trebbs was out of earshot.

Larry laughed, "He's an English prac teacher... Well... Not anymore anyways."

"Shame." Nathan said, "He was pretty cool."

The bell rang and everyone said goodbye and went off to their classes.

Soon it was the weekend and Alice was sitting in the car on the way to Carolyn's house. On Friday there had been a whole school assembly so she had missed s+e. Carolyn's mother let Alice in and she walked into Carolyn's room to find her playing a video game. Alice picked up a controller and joined in. After a little while they took a break. "Eeee. This is going to be the best." Carolyn said happily. "We're going to the harbour soon."

"Ooh. Awesome!" Alice replied with a smile.

On the way to the harbour Alice and Carolyn danced randomly to the music on the radio and tried to make people in other cars laugh. One woman was trying not to laugh when she saw them but they drove past her before they got to see if she could hold it in any longer. A passenger on a motorbike did a double take before tapping the driver on the shoulder and they both looked over before starting to laugh.

When they got there they went into 'Dan's Churro Bar' and ordered expensive mango smoothies. They didn't have much money left so they had to share a 'churros for one'. It was delicious.

Carolyn's mother let them look at some of the shops in the harbour while she had a coffee with a friend she bumped into while they were there. Alice and Carolyn walked into a small shop full of little nicknacks. It had loads of dragon statuettes and fake crystal necklaces. There was an awesome unicorn ornament in one of the glass cabinets. "Ooh this looks cool." Alice said.

"Omg yes... Bum! Look at the price though." Carolyn exclaimed.

Alice took a closer look and saw that it cost a small fortune. "Bum."

Alice looked into another glass cabinet and gasped. On the other side she saw Nathan. He wasn't looking her way so she had time to grab Carolyn and hide behind a shelf. "What-?" Carolyn said as Alice pulled her around the corner by her sleeve.

"Carrot is here." Alice explained.

"Carrot?? In this weirdo shop??"

"We're in this weirdo shop too, you know."

"Its just you wouldn't expect someone like him to be into this kind of place." Carolyn laughed.

"Yeah... it is kinda strange..." Alice whispered.

Carolyn took a peak around the corner before Alice could stop her.

"Did he see you?" Alice asked.

"I don't think so... He's with Rich and Ken."

"Let's try to sneak out."

Carolyn nodded, "Okay."

Alice tiptoed around the shop and made it until she was one step from the exit. She was mid step when she was caught. "Alice! Hi!" A voice called to her.

She looked around and saw Nathan and his friends on the other side of a glass cabinet; he was waving to her. She waved back before walking over to him with Carolyn. "Hi." Alice smiled.

"Hey... I gotta go pay for this." Nathan said, holding up a orange dragon statuette, "'s for my mum's birthday. I'll be right back."

Alice and Carolyn stood awkwardly with Ken and Rich. Carolyn looked into the nearby cabinet, "What a coincidence..."

Alice peered around her to see that there was a diorama of a wedding ceremony in the cabinet. She rolled her eyes and Rich started to laugh. Ken just looked confused. Nathan returned holding a plastic bag.

"So. What are you doing at the harbour?" He turned to Alice.

"Just looking around." Alice said.

"Nice. Well we gotta go, I'll see you on Monday. Bye." Nathan smiled before beginning to walk off with Ken.

"Bye." Alice said. She turned to Carolyn and Rich.

"Okay, okay. I got another one." Rich laughed.

"Okay, go." Carolyn said.

"What do you say to an Australian before you kill them?"



"Oh my goodness." Carolyn's hand hit her forehead.

"Best joke ever!" Rich called as he ran off to catch up to Nathan and Ken.

Alice and Carolyn finished looking around before they met Carolyn's mother and went back to Carolyn's house. They watched a funny movie and gorged on popcorn before hopping into bed. Alice was just closing her eyes when Carolyn's message tone went off. Carolyn picked up her phone, read it, sighed then held it out for Alice. Alice took Carolyn's phone from her hand and looked at it. It was a facebook conversation with Rich and it went:

Rich - Why did the Sydney Olympic torch carrier have to hold it up extra high?

Carolyn - Why?

Rich - To stop the crowd from barbecuing shrimps over the flame.

Alice giggled. Carolyn mimicked the guy from the famous tourism add, "Come to Australia. We'll even throw an extra shrimp on the barbie for ya."

They laughed and Alice gave Carolyn her phone back before they got comfortable in their beds and drifted off to sleep.

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