The Question

☆*:.。. Based On A True Story .。.:*☆


3. The Assignment


"So do you like him too?" Was the first thing Caro asked Alice when they sat down for lunch.

"What?" Alice was confused for a second, "Oh! Carrot? Maybe... Do you like anyone?"


"O-M-G! WHO?!"


Alice pulled a face and took a bite of her sandwich, "Tell meh!"


"Lucas Johnson? But I thought you liked Michael Barry...."

"LOL! I don't like him anymore. Penny said he's a jerk." Caro cracked up laughing.

Alice rolled her eyes and laughed too. Usually when black haired, beautiful dark skinned Penny said someone was a jerk, he was.

Alice met up with her friend Bella at her locker. Bella was a-little short with straight black hair. "I saw Timothy looking at me again today." Bella said happily.

"Cool." Said Alice as she heaved her heavy maths book out of her locker. Bella was always talking about Timothy. She had had a crush on him for a long time.

"But this time it wasn't just a smile... He looked for longer and he waved too." Bella was grinning.

Just then, as if on cue, Timothy can up behind then and tapped Bella gently on the shoulder. She jumped and turned around quickly. "Oh! Hi!" She said, startled. Timothy was a tall boy with short black hair. He and Bella started talking and Alice felt awkward so she started to walk away. The last thing she heard before she was out of earshot was Timothy asking Bella if she'd date him. 'Why won't Nathan do that to me?' Alice thought to herself. Then she reminded herself that he could have been joking when he asked in the first place.

The next day Alice had music first. Timothy, Bella and Penny were all in her class. She walked through the door and took a seat next to Penny. "Hay girl." Said Penny, smiling.

"Hay." Alice replied. She looked around and saw Bella and Timothy sitting together. They were both smiling.

"I heard carrot on the last day of last year." Penny put her hand on Alice's shoulder.

Alice turned to look at her, "How do you know his code name?"

"I asked Caro if you two were dating and then she told me. Don't worry she made me swear to absolute secrecy... She's good at that." Penny laughed.

"Good." Alice laughed too, "what do you think of carrot? You think he's a jerk like Michael?"

"Nah. He's alright."

"Yay." Alice smiled.

The rest of music class was average, Alice had to help Penny with some of the questions as usual. After music Alice had s+e where she would get to see Nathan. Alice couldn't resist looking at the clock every few minutes hoping the period would end soon. When it did she felt happy and rushed out of the class, down the hall and to her s+e classroom where she waited for all her other classmates to arrive. Nathan was the last to come. Her teacher, Miss Saunders, opened the door with a smile. "Come on in darlings!" She beamed.

Alice sat down at her desk and Nathan sat at his. Miss Saunders waddled to the front of the class. "Okay. Quiet down everyone! Colin, please stop playing with your hair... Thankyou. Alright class, today we will be starting a pair assignment. You will work with the person next to you."

Alice listened carefully as Miss Saunders explained that the assignment was a poster on the causes of World War One which was due in a week. Her heart began beating fast when Miss Saunders went on to say that she highly recommended meeting with your partner outside of class time. When the teacher had finished Nathan turned to Alice. "I'll get some paper." Nathan said, walking off without waiting for a reply.

Alice opened her school laptop to find her notes. Alice hoped that this would have made him talk more but it didn't. The whole lesson all Nathan did was draw and colour in the title but Alice had to admit it did look pretty cool. When the class was over Alice pack up quickly and even beat Nathan. "Bye." She said, smiling at Nathan. He gave her a nod then continued packing up and Alice walked out of class.

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