The Question

☆*:.。. Based On A True Story .。.:*☆


2. Physical Education


The next week went along like an average week. However, Nathan was still only saying hi then leaving s+e as fast as he could. Alice had just finished s+e and tried to pack up her things quickly so she could leave at the same time as Nathan but he was still to slippery. Next stop- the gymnasium. Alice sighed, physical education was her least favourite class. Alice walked into the gym and was delighted by what she saw. No, not really. She just sighed even heavier as she saw the prickly climbing ropes that were being hung from the ceiling.

Her friend Carolyn bounded in behind her but collapsed on the ground when she too saw the ropes. "Not this again." She moaned.

Alice giggled and pulled her friend back up on her feet and they walked over to Mr Drine.

"Alright settle down class!" Mr Drine shouted. Mr Drine set five people to each of the four ropes before walking off and sitting on a very comfortable looking chair. Luckily, Carolyn and Alice were put in the same group. However, unluckily they were put in the same group as David Jackson.

"Hey gurls." David smiled creepily.

Carolyn hid behind Alice, "Halp meh." She whispered.

"Hello..." Alice stared at David waiting for him to say something else but he didn't and after an awkward silence he walked off to talk to another person.

"Anyways.... So... Carrot, huh?" Carolyn nudged Alice in the arm with her elbow repeatedly.

"Shush Caro." Alice blushed.

Carolyn smiled mischievously but said nothing more as she began climbing the rope.

It was near the end of the lesson when Alice had to climb the rope again. Just as she was near the top the bell went for the start of lunch. She watched as down below people ran for the gymnasium doors. Caro had hung back to wait for Alice.

"Hey, how do you spell Carrots last name again?!" She called up to her.

"V-A-L-E-N-Z-I-A-N-O!" Alice called back. She looked around and her heart stopped. Standing by the sports department office door was Nathan. He was staring straight at her. She watched as Mr Drine had to tap him on the shoulder four times before he looked away.

Alice just managed to hear their conversation from where she was hanging. "Here's your skateboard back, Nathan. Make sure I don't see you on that thing in the corridors again."

"Won't happen again Mr Drine." Nathan mumbled.

"I sure hope so."

Alice climbed down the rope and saw Nathan walk right over to her. Alice's heart began to beat faster than the average human's when Nathan put his hand on her shoulder. He lent in close with a cheeky grin and whispered, "What was that supposed to mean?"

"I don't know.." Is all she managed to get out. She silently watched him go with his skate board tucked up under his arm, doing a hair flick as he went.

When he was gone Caro danced in a circle around Alice. "Alice and Carrot sitting in a tree-!"

"Seriously?" Alice smiled, picked up her bag and headed for the door with Caro by her side.

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