The Question

☆*:.。. Based On A True Story .。.:*☆


4. On The Bus


After school Alice ran to catch up with Carolyn and Suzan at her bus. She had had a clarinet lesson during recess and Carolyn had had a flute lesson during lunch so they had not seen each other since before the school day started. "What happened in s+e today?" Was the first thing Carolyn asked when she saw Alice.

"OMG! I'm in a group with him...! We have to make a poster together."

"OMG!" Carolyn smiled, "That's the best!"

"What are you guys talking about?" Suzan laughed.

"Promise to keep what I tell you a secret?" Alice asked.

"Okay...." Suzan said quietly.

"Don't tell anyone..." Carolyn repeated.

"Alright." Suzan nodded.

"Not even your boyfriend, or your parents, or your pet dog, or...." Carolyn was trying to pull a poker face as she said this but it failed and Suzan and Alice cracked up laughing.

"Okay, okay. I promise I won't tell Marcus, my parents or even Fluffy." Suzan smiled.

Alice held out her pinky finger and Suzan wrapped hers around it. After Alice had told Suzan about Nathan she went silent in the same way Carolyn had done. "So yeah. Alice and Carrot are going to get married and have lots of babies together and have a pet dog and be a happy family forever and I'll come over everyday and they will be like go away get your own family and I'll be like nu." Carolyn said, breaking the awkward silence. Alice almost died laughing after she had said this and it took her almost the whole bus ride to stop.

{sorry about this tiny chapter :P tell me if you would like me to continue with this story :3 }

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