The Question

☆*:.。. Based On A True Story .。.:*☆


7. Its Time


The next few days just flew by in a blur of excitement for the upcoming event. Nathan had been sick for the week before the cruise so Alice had been a little disappointed that he may not come. It was the morning before the river cruise and Alice was sitting on a bench waiting for her friends to come. She smoothed out the wrinkles in her pretty blue dress and sighed. It was kinda embarrassing because all of the people who weren't going on the cruise were staring at her. She saw Carolyn running towards her in the distance. When she got there Alice jumped up, "Hi!"

"Hi!" Carolyn sighed, "Ugh! My stupid shoes are too big. It was so embarrassing everyone was looking at me like wth."

Alice laughed, "I know right."

She and Carolyn sat back down. Alice looked around and spotted some dude in a tux. She looked at Carolyn and Carolyn looked back at her before they burst out laughing. Alice heard a cough, stopped laughing and looked up to see Bella standing in front of them.

"Hello!" Bella smiled.

"Hi!" Alice and Carolyn smiled back.

"Should we head to the buses now?" Carolyn asked.

Alice nodded, "Lets go!"

While Alive was getting into her bus she heard a familiar voice and turned to see Nathan getting onto another bus. He turned too and their eyes met. Nathan smiled but Alice turned away and quickly got onto the bus. She sat next to Carolyn. "Carrot is here." She said smiling.

"Cool." Carolyn laughed.

It didn't take long to get to the dock. Everyone piled onto the boat. Alice saw Nathan go to the lower level but she followed Carolyn upstairs.

The cruise was nice and the food was delicious. Carolyn, Suzan and Alice enjoyed standing on the deck watching the jellyfish float by. "Lol that one is really fat." Carolyn said, pointing to a particularly big one.

"It needs to go on a diet." Alice laughed.

Suzan tapped Alice on the shoulder and whispered. "Carrot just came up the stairs..."

Alice turned around to see Nathan and his friends come out to stand on the deck a few meters away. Alice slipped back inside the boat and went to get some lemonade. Carolyn came with her. "I'm just gonna sit by myself up here when the dance starts." Carolyn laughed.

"Na I'm sure someone will ask yo-" Alice saw Nathan coming towards them put of the corner of her eye.

"I think I know who's gonna ask you." Carolyn smiled.

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