The Question

☆*:.。. Based On A True Story .。.:*☆


10. Dodgeball

At recess, Alice told Carolyn about what happened in s+e.

"OMG lol." Carolyn laughed.

"I know right." Alice smiled.

"That reminds me of that time we were on that caving camp. Remember our guide?"

Alice laughed at the memory, "We heard him just randomly sing 'and I just can't wait to be king' under his breath."

"Best." Carolyn smiled before reaching down to get out her timetable. "We've got physical education next."

Alice sighed, "Yay."

In physical education they had to play dodgeball with the boys from another class. They had to do this because it was the year right sports carnival today and all the sport teachers had to supervise them. A few random teachers and relief teachers where running the game.

"This is abuse, hitting people... With balls." Carolyn said, hiding behind Alice.

Alice opened her mouth to speak but Carolyn cut her off, "Ermergerd look! It's carrot!"

Alice followed Carolyn's gaze to see Nathan. He was staring very intensely at one of the balls in the middle of the gym.

The teachers blew their whistles and people started to run into the middle and get a ball. Half of those people got out while scrambling back empty handed. Alice and Carolyn hung back.

"I'm out." Carolyn said, before walking towards the bench even though she didn't get hit.

Alice despised to stay in the game, as long as she wasn't hit by any hard throws she be fine. She looked over to the opposite team. Nathan was constantly throwing balls. He wasn't even looking where they were going. A randomly guy threw a ball at Alice, she dodged it but it hit the back wall and flew back into her leg. Apparently that counts as getting out because it didn't touch the floor. Alice walked over to Carolyn and was just about to sit down when -thunk. A ball hit her shoulder. It wasn't a normal foam ball. It was a proper hard one. It's didn't hurt that much, just felt tingly.

Carolyn stood up, "Does it hurt?" She rubbed Alice's should which made it feel a little better but it was still tingly.

"Not really. Just kinda like pins and needles."

"That's how my arm felt when a ball hit my bicep. I went to the nurse so think we should too." Carolyn took Alice's arm and they started walking to the teacher.

Heaps of random popular girls came up to Alice with their whining voices like 'oh no you're hurt' or 'oh no are you okay?'. It's like you have never talked to me so go away your not my friend; you don't really care. Carolyn went ahead to the teacher while Alice was being whined to.

When Alice finally managed to get away so she could go to the nurse with Carolyn she bumped into someone. She looked up to see it was Nathan.

"Alice in so sorry! I didn't know it was a hard ball I swear! Doug just handed it to me! I'm sorry! Where did it hit you?"

Alice opened her mouth to reply when Carolyn came over, "Let's go." She said pulling Alice away.

"I... I'll... I'll come too!" Nathan said, running to catch up.

They walked in silence apart from when they were walking past a speaker just when the bell for lunch time went off.

Carolyn jumped then said, "Ouch my ears."

"Scared me out of my socks. I wasn't expecting that." Nathan nodded.

"Is it still tingly?" Carolyn asked Alice.

"That's kinda dying down and now it's starting to ache." Alice sighed.

They got to the nurse who checked over Alice's should, "It'll be okay. But we must put some ice on it to make sure of that."

Suddenly, Rich burst through the door.

"Excuse me!" The nurse said.

He ignored her, "Nat I thought I saw you coming in here. Are you okay dude?"

"In fine." Nathan said, "I hit Alice a little too hard in dodgeball."

"Oh." Rich said.

"Out! The nurse said. "Only two people can be in here!"

"Can I stay? I feel responsible for this." Nathan asked Carolyn.

"Sure." She said before leaving the room with Rich.

Nathan got an ice pack from the nurse and helped hold it up against Alice's shoulder.

Alice heard voices from the doorway. She heard Carolyn say, "See they're totally gonna get married." Then Rich chuckling.

"I heard that." Alice called to them and they quickly hid around the corner.

"Heard what?" Nathan asked.

"Nothing." Alice smiled.

That night Alice was wiping up the dishes with her sister when heard her phone get a notification. She quickly finished, ran into her room and picked up her phone. 'Nathan Valenziano sent you a friend request.' She waited a few minutes before accepting it, she had a smile on her face that she couldn't get rid of no matter what she tried. Cathy came nursing into her room, "Who messaged you? Was is your boyfriend Colin? What was his nickname again? It was carrot wasn't it?"

"Ew. No. Get out of my room."

"Gosh. Don't need to be so rude." Cathy said before doing a funny waddle out of the room.

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