The Question

☆*:.。. Based On A True Story .。.:*☆


5. Cruising Along


The next time Alice had s+e she was surprised to see Nathan had come to class early. They sat down and took out their laptops. Alice continued to search for information and write it on the poster. She glanced over at Nathan's screen and saw that he was playing some sort of game. She rolled her eyes and continued working. About halfway through the lesson Nathan turned to her, "Hey, can you please keep clicking this little button on this game for me? Just while I see the teacher? Thanks."

Alice kept clicking the game until he came back. "Thanks." Nathan smiled. She saw him close the game and pull up a huge page of notes before starting to copy them onto the poster. By the end of the lesson their poster was almost finished. Nathan held it up, "Practically dripping with information. I don't think we could fit another fact on." He looked at Alice and smiled.

Alice smiled back, "I know right."

"See ya." Nathan grabbed his bag and headed for the door. Just before he left she saw him turn around and open his mouth to say something but he shut it quickly and continued on his way.

At home Alice was texting Carolyn when Cathy burst into her room and stole her phone. "Hey give it back!"

"Ooooh who's this carrot guy? Is he your boyfriend?" Cathy danced around Alice. She reached out and snatched her phone back.

"Of course not!" Alice could feel herself going red.

Cathy ran off an returned with Alice's year book. "Let's see... Is carrot... Colin Buton?"

Alice burst out laughing. "Haha, no."

Colin had the strangest hair in the school. Carolyn and Alice always laughed about it. It was super long on one side. So long that it tucked up under his ear. But on the other side, it was almost all shaved off.

Cathy had a glint in her eye, "I bet it is!"

Alice rolled her eyes and Cathy skipped out of her room singing: "Alice and Colin, sitting in a tree!"

The next day, Alice had s+e third period before lunch. She and Nathan completed their poster within the first few minutes of the lesson. It was due at the end so the people who finished early got free time to do whatever they wanted. Nathan went over sit with one of his friends who was named Rich. Alice couldn't help but overhear their conversation.

"Okay so... The s+e test on the UN is coming up soon. Test me on some things." She heard Nathan say.

Rich laughed, "Okay! How many member states in the General Assembly?"

"I dunno. Like... Three?"

Alice heard Rich's hand hit his forehead. "Dude. One hundred and ninety three."

Alice met Carolyn at lunch, she looked unhappy. "What happened?" Alice asked.

Carolyn sighed, "I was put in a group with Lucas."

"Isn't that a good thing?"

"No it's not. He smiled at me."

"Isn't that a good thing?" Alice repeated.

"I swear I went the brightest shade of red cause afterwards he was looking at me like wth. LOL. But anyways... How was s+e with carrot?"

Alice giggled, "He said the General Assembly has three member states."

Carolyn laughed, "What a goose! That's hilarious."

A tall year eleven boy came running over to them. "Are you guys in year ten?"

"Yeah...." Alice replied.

The boy handed them each a note and ran off before anyone could say anymore.

Carolyn laughed, "Okay then.."

Alice read the note's title, "Year ten river cruise permission slip."

"OMG." Carolyn turned to Alice, "We get to go on a river cruise!"

"OMG." Alice smiled, she grabbed Carolyn's hands and they both started jumping up and down laughing. Alice was so excited she didn't even care about the weird looks she was getting from passers by.

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