The Question

☆*:.。. Based On A True Story .。.:*☆


9. Circle Of Life

At the end of the cruise small prizes were given to the best dressed male and female and the person who danced the best. The best dressed people were all popular but the best dancer turned out to be the guy Alice and Carolyn were laughing at. The boat docked and everyone got onto a bus. Alice jumped on the bus and sat near the back with Carolyn. Bella was also on the bus and so was Timothy. They were sitting next to each other, Timothy's arm around her. Suzan was also on the bus sitting next to her boyfriend, Marcus. They hardly spent time together but they were still such a good couple. "So many couples." Carolyn said, reading Alice's thoughts. "And when you and Nathan are married, I'll be a loner. Merh."

"Well then. We'll have to do something about that, won't we?" Alice said with a cheeky grin.

Alice watched as Nathan took a seat beside her in s+e. "Hi." He said.

"Hello." She smiled back.

"The river cruise was great wasn't it?" He said dreamily.

Alice nodded, "Yep! It was really enjoyable."

The teacher began the lesson before Nathan could say anything else. She put them into groups for another research assignment. Alice was put with Nathan and Rich. She had no idea why the teacher trusted them to be in the same group.

Alice worked hard on her research but the boys didn't. They were talking and despite how many times the teacher told them to 'shut up', they wouldn't. Alice didn't listen to much of their conversation but one part of it caught her attention.

"I was like, 'lol so cute' and then she was like 'yep, they're gonna get married and have lots of babies together' and that's when I lost it." Rich said.

Nathan laughed, "Lots of babies sounds like lots of work... No thanks!"

Rich gave Nathan a weird look before winking, "Lots of... work, eh?"

"Ew! Dude, no!"

"That's how babies are made though."


Rich raised an eyebrow, leant forwards and half whispered, half sung, "It's the circle of life~"


Miss Saunders hit her fist against the desk which made the whole class jump, "Nathan Valenziano! Will you please keep your voice down!"

"Yes miss... Sorry miss."

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