The Question

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8. A Natural Dancer

Massive update~! Yay!

Nathan walked past them to the bar and grabbed a cola before walking over to Alice. He turned his back to Carolyn, "Hey." He smiled.

Carolyn folded her arms and whispered, "Fine then." Before storming off to the table, turning around and winking at Alice. Nathan had obviously not heard her and continued, "Are you enjoying the cruise?"

Alice stopped giving Carolyn the evil eye and smiled at Nathan, "I sure am! How about you?"

"Yep it's great." Nathan smiled, "Umm... Are you.... Umm... Do you have... anyone to Dance with yet?"

"Not yet." Alice replied.

Nathan smiled then opened his mouth before closing it again.

"Why do you ask?" Alice said.

"Umm... No reason. Just wondering..." Nathan smiled before walking back over to his friends.

It was time for the dance and everyone was pushed, by the teachers, down the stairs onto the dance floor. Carolyn sat on one of the seats at the edge of the dance floor. Mr Trebbs, the 22 year old English prac teacher that had every year 12 girl talking, walked over to her. "Not dancing Miss Jones?"

"No sir."

He laughed, "Shame." Before walking off to talk to some other teachers.

Alice ran over to her. "How does Mr Trebbs know your name?"

"He's teaching my English class for the next few weeks. I hate it. Teachers learn my name too quickly.

I'm always the first one they know."

Alice laughed, "I know that feel. Why aren't you dancing? Heaps of people are dancing alone. You don't want to be the only person sitting down do you?"

"I'm not the only one." Carolyn pointed to a couple other people sitting around.

"Pleaseeeeeee. You can dance with me at least."

"Lol that's weird."

Alice folded her arms and opened her mouth to speak but someone tapped her on the shoulder and she jumped. "Sorry! Didn't mean to scare you!" It was Nathan's voice.

She turned around and smiled. "It's fine."

"Would you... Err... Like to dance... With me?" He looked expectantly at her.

Alice nodded and his eyes lit up like tiny fireworks. She followed him through the crowd to a little area they could dance but before they started Rich ran up to Nathan. "Dude I'll be sitting over there if you want me and- oh." He noticed Alice and smiled at Nathan. She found herself going red as he whispered something into Nathan's ear. Rich quickly dodged his fist before running off, chuckling.

"Sorry about that." Nathan smiled.

"No worries." Alice's tongue felt dead and she had no idea what else to say. The slow music started and Alice and Nathan assumed their dance positions.

Nathan was a natural dancer. That or he had been taking lessons for months leading up to this event. But that wasn't possible since they had only gotten the note just before. It was nice though. They chatted a little but never found a topic that they could make a full conversation of. When the song was done, they stood awkwardly next to each other so Alice thanked Nathan for the dance and walked off quickly. She headed towards Carolyn. She was with Rich who was laughing his head off. "Calm down. It wasn't even that funny. I think you've had too much lemonade." Carolyn stared at him.

This only made him laugh harder, "Oh my gosh! I'm dying! Help me!"

Nathan came over to them. Rich stood up when he got there and they walked over to where Ken and some random girl were standing together.

"How was you dance?" Carolyn smiled up at Alice.

"It was really nice." Alice smiled back, "But..."


"I had no idea what to talk about. The thing is, now heaps of topics are flooding into my brain."

"Bummer." Carolyn sighed.

"Yep. So... How was your talk with Rich?"

"With who?" Carolyn cocked her head.

"Um. That guy who was just sitting next to you." Alice pointed to the chair where he had just been.

"Oh! So that's what his name was."

"You don't know him?"

"Nup. Well... I do now."

Alice laughed and sat down next to Carolyn. They watched a random dude do really funny and crazy dances to a rap song that was playing. By the end of the song Carolyn and Alice were practically rolling on the floor laughing.

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