Follow harry and Hermione as they redo their last school year, both becoming head boy and girl and possibly becoming harmione?


1. The letter's

Hermione granger was sat at her desk reading a large and very heavy book, when she heard a tapping at her window. She opened it to find an owl carrying a letter with a Hogwarts seal on it.

"Mum! Dad! I'm going back to Hogwarts!"  She shouted, before hurrying to open her letter. There was the usual supplies list and letter from professor McGonagall, but there was also something else in the envelope, another letter accompanied with a head girl badge. Hermione shrieked in joy and chanted

"I'm the head girl! I'm the head girl!" Before sitting down to read the note. 

"Dear miss granger," she read. 

"I congratulate you on becoming head girl. I cannot tell you who the head boy is, but he is someone who you know very well.

yours sincerely,

Professor McGonagall." 

Hermione then ran down the stairs to tell her parents.


Harry Potter was walking down diagon alley, when an owl swooped down on him and dropped a letter. He opened it and read it through, to find the same thing as Hermione, just for the head boy not girl. Harry was not as excited as Hermione and walked back to his room in the leaky cauldron where he was staying.




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